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Fortnite is a new game released in September 2017. In the first release, there were very few hype and did not get much attention at the initial release. Thanks to this simple fact, the established company decided to offer part of the game for free and since the game is now the world's most popular. There are many aspects that make the game unique.

First of all, this is a third person shooter, but he is very lively in positioning, so not in a very serious way. In addition to the shooting game, materials such as wood, brick and metal as well as handicrafts of various building structures, Ramps, walls, floors and really anything you can imagine. The point of the game is to be the last player or team to stand. The game starts with 100 players, all of whom are coming from a school bus with an airplane to a huge island, with small towns and places on the map. Everyone gets off the bus, and after land, weapons and shields are stolen before someone else finds the booty. There are many different types of weapons such as rifles, rifles, rocket launchers and many other armaments. Players will open the gold boxes that offer a variety of items in the game, such as potions and weapons. Once the player has their prey, they want them to go around the storm while the outside storm closes slowly and brings the players together. The storm slowly reduces your health if you are in it until your health runs out suddenly. As soon as your health runs out, you do not have the same game as you have to start from the beginning.

The ultimate goal is to get the last to reach "Victory Royale." This is a difficult task, as there are many highly skilled players who play regularly and play ridiculously. The most important thing most well-trained players find to be able to build a pistol more efficiently and faster. These builders are usually the most experienced players and usually have more games to win. Inexperienced players who are still learning the full flow of the game usually do not find their first win until many games have played. As time passed, game developers provided special, limited time travel modes to the mix to keep the game interesting and hard-working players entertained and never bored. The way that many have become a favorite is the explosive mode that takes away all the normal weapons and leaves the players with circular sets, rocket launchers and some other special weapons around the map to win the game. These add-ons help you change your skills and allow newer players to accredit items that are less common in normal mode and allow them to experiment freely and are not ready in the usual way.

Overall, the game is fun for all ages and is a great challenge for everyone. Fortnite is now a glitter, but they strive to stay longer because more and more players continue to play the ranks as they go every day.

Source by Brandon Nagem

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