Straight Talk's $ 30 "All You Need" Prepaid Phone Plan – Is It Right For You?

The $ 30 Straight Talk Wireless program, also called "Everything You Need", is a very good choice for moderate to heavy mobile phone users who are interested in a prepaid plan. This article is a breakdown of the reasons some people call this plan the best in business.

First of all, the Straight Talk All You Need program has 1,000 minutes of talk time each month, 1,000 text messages each month, 30 MB of data per month and 411 calls (which is saving in itself). As you can see, this is a very good deal. So the first reason people are drawn to this plan is because of the value. It's simply a stole to use 1,000 minutes and the same amount of text messages for thirty dollars a month. That's a good thing.

Secondly, this plan is a prepaid plan, which means no agreement is signed, which also means there is no obligation. The simple fact that you have the freedom to walk away anytime adds prominence to this regular plan. Being stuck in a contract and realizing hate your mobile plan and getting terrible customer service can be a cruel thing. There is actually no need for a mobile contract, but the fact that companies will lock you as a customer for a certain amount of time.

It's backed up as part of retirement and helps companies justify and pay for high-level phones that they almost give away and the cost of supporting the network. Sure, this is their business model but guess what is not one thing you should need to support your money. Why not freedom to make the best financial decisions for you anytime? Straight Talk Wireless is not the only company that has a good prepaid offer. There are others worth looking at like Boost Mobile, MetroPCS and Cricket. Depending on where you are resident in the United States, you can find a killer agreement with one of these payments that you go to service providers.

The third reason for this plan is good value because it operates as MVNO on Verizon Wireless Network. You need to keep in mind that while this network is owned by Regin, it's a prepaid network, which is a bit different. Still, Verizon has the ability to keep good wireless networks going.

Source by Chris M Mccarthy

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