Storm8 iMobsters Mob Guide

For many games, team members and one of the games that are absolutely true to Storm8 iMobsters' real-time RPG play on the iPhone and the Android market are essential. In your iMobsters, your team is called the mob and team members. To be able to play effectively in the game, you need to know how to use members of the mob, what factors determine how big a mob is and how and how to increase mob size. We tried to answer the following questions.

What do you need to know before you add mob members?

  • It does not matter the level of the players or their equipment. These are just a number for you. You are responsible to equip them for the fight.
  • Every mob member can and will use one of the equipment (weapon, defense, and vehicle) in a fight
  • The mob members can only use their level five times. You can do more in the battlefield, but in the fight you only use 5 levels on your level, so if you have 12 levels, you can only use up to 60 squads.

What are the benefits for mob members and how do you use them?

  • Free players give you more mob sizes, stronger, so you can win more.
  • If you are in combat or in attack or defense, the game automatically calculates your attack and defense values ​​that are counted on the members of the usable mob and equipment. Do not forget that the equipment you use is yours, not the owner of the mob member.

How many team members should you be?

  • Players are grouped into brackets with groups of approximately the same number of mob members as each other. The lower levels of the consoles are 4, 9, 14, 19 etc. Here are some examples and benefits that remain at the top of brackets:
  • The player has 4 members. During the attacks, players with only 1 to 4 mob members can be seen and only players with 1-4 mob members can see them. This is an advantage over those with 3 or fewer mob members.
  • Player has 6 members. When attacked, only players with 5 to 9 players can be seen and players can meet 5-9 mob members. This disadvantages players who have 7, 8 or 9 members.
  • For lower levels, below level 20, you have to stick to 4 or 9 knots. This reduces purchasing costs and maintenance costs. The higher the level, the more mobsters you are, as long as you are properly prepared for them. This is because the brackets open even more, so someone can see 40 and 9 size mobs and attack 10-15 or more mob members.
  • Above 100, it's certainly a benefit if you're as big a mob as you can afford. This is because it is the best equipment for better statistics than protection. The big is the mob, the fewer people will be able to equip your bankruptcy with the best equipment, so you can win more battles.
  • There is also a strategy where players have the maximum mob size as their level allows. Although they can not equip them with the best equipment, they can buy lesser equipment but more than their opponents. Using this strategy can be difficult because players who have the money to prepare for the mob will open, but for those farmers, more active players and challenging players, this strategy can be much more entertaining.

How can you find mob members for it?

  • There are many websites that list mob codes. Find one that will allow you to track the added mob codes and report the wrong codes. This saves you time to keep code re-entering or trying out bad codes that someone has already labeled.
  • What are Clans and How iMobsters Work
  • Clans are a group of players who join together to help each other. Whether you're answering new players' issues, helping you deny a player who is producing a master, or identifying cows for other clan members, clans can play very effectively and fun in the game.
  • Communication, however, is key to clan's effectiveness. There are few websites where iMobster players can communicate privately and effectively with others. Such a site Aygbatu iMobsters clan site. The clan features are very new, but they continually increase functionality. The site has many features that each clan needs to have access to:
  • Clan List so people can read a variety of clans
  • Private message board only for clan members. You do not want other players, especially farmers, to know the codes of the clan members
  • Easy Recruiting Tools to Join, Accept, and Control Your Clan

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