Stores mobile phones – The cost of "discovery"

So we've watched the iPhone App Store closely, of course – 10,000 applications 300 million downloads and count. We have been wondering what the trend would be and in a sense, it will change into the subcategory of the mobile version as a whole. Discovery cost.

We have always talked about 3 main issues with mobile applications, portals, discovery and distribution. What is like in Apple's world?

Well – it's easy enough since there's only one iPhone specific to evolve.

Apple certainly knew about distribution. Getting apps on iPhone is the easier it gets – iTunes.

Ah – now an interesting part. How do people become aware of your application? In the long run, think about it this way – if you sign a song and put it on iTunes, are you going to get rich? Probably not unless you are already a good artist. Sure, there are a few paths that grow in popularity there, but for the most part, just putting something on iTunes is not good enough.

You have somehow come to the top of the list. How do you do this?

* Pay for it (sponsorship – costs money)

* Be popular (it also costs money)

* Get "choose" as a favorite

* Get a blog post or other PR

* Or …

… as this article fails to point out – give away your program or sell it for 99 cents to become popular to climb 10 lists.

The article says that for iPhone developers and developers, programs can cost $ 80,000 according to Craig Hockenberry's open letter to Steve Jobs – who may or may not get back to iTunes. Now, even though this figure is a bit high – it's a driving developer to focus on simple and cheap applications that recognize that people are now ready to pay a lot for something like incentives.

This has caused a lot of discussion especially about what Apple or developers should do, but eventually when you build something that can only be sold in a single store, it's the store and its strategy. That's the price you pay to have porting and deployment solved for you (at least with apple anyway). Will Andriod Market or Blackberry Application Storefront change this – or just continue to do porting headaches?

Source by Alan Lynse

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