Stolen cell phones

Mobile phones are hot stuff for thieves because they are small and hard to reach. Most attractive are new and expensive mobile phones. Thieves can also use the phone and make calls abroad and cause high costs. That's why we need to take care of them, but if your phone has been stolen or lost, you'll need to take the necessary steps: How to prevent theft?

  • Never drop your device and it will mostly be enough that the thief will not even try to steal it.
  • If you want, you can also buy a wrist phone from your phone. There are several types on the market and you can choose what you want most
  • There are also different cases on the market
  • use clip
  • install the thefts on the phone. On the market you can find the appropriate software for the model and your forum

What to do if you are proud?

  • call your network operator and let them know about theft and then they can block your use of your number and prevent high charges
  • inform the police. They will ask you for equipment, IMEI numbers and other information about location, time, and similar
  • submit the theft on the global web site with a stolen and lost mobile network database
  • insert theft in different places where users can potentially recognize devices [19659007] Software to prevent thieves Theft software allows you to get information about the user (phone number, location …). The information you receive depends on the functionality of the phone. If your mobile phone has GPS, it's very easy to get the location but only if many conditions are met (if the device is switched on and the GPS signal is good enough and if the user was not formatted / reset the phone before using it). You can think that everyone first resets mobile phones, but not everyone knows the technology. You would be surprised how many users do not even know they bought stolen or lost mobile phones.

    What are the chances of getting the phone back? The chances of getting your phone back is very small but bigger than if you do not do anything.

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