Speed ​​Up Your Computer – ReadyBoost Adds Windows 7 Performance

Did you know there is a very simple way to speed up your Windows 7 computer called ReadyBoost? It turns out that this is a very cool name for something that is very easy to perform.

Before I show you how to get ReadyBoost to go to your Windows 7 computer, I will give you information on how it works.

Have you ever heard of the journal file? Certainly not. There is another imaginary name for a file that the computer uses when it is not memory (RAM).

It's a great idea actually. It works like that …

You open Word to write an important document. But then you open Internet Explorer to do some research on your document. Later, Excel opens to help you figure out some data and create a graph or two. Sometimes you have 12 applications running at the same time.

When you open these programs, their components get loaded into memory and when you open more and more … you guess, you run out of memory.

So what's your computer doing? It can not just tell you to jump in water. It is here to serve. But it takes more space for all these applications.

That's where the magazine comes into play. Your computer starts sending items that it wants to keep in mind on the journal file so that it can take them back when needed.

The problem with this is that your computer device – where the journal file lives – is approximately 10 times slower than the memory of your computer. Then things start to slow down.

ReadyBoost allows you to store your page files on a flash drive or SD card and speed up things back up again. And it is very easy to install.

So how did ReadyBoost turn on and improve the performance of your Windows 7 computer?

1. Insert a flash disk (or SD drive) into your computer. The flash drive must be at least 1GB. 2. Click the Start button. 3. Click Computer 4. Right click on the flash drive. 5. Click the ReadyBoost tab 6. Select & # 39; Use this device & # 39; Option 7. Use a slider to tell Windows 7 how much space is available for ReadyBoost 8. Click OK and you're ready! Woot!

What are you waiting for? Take a flash or SD drive and start using ReadyBoost to improve your Windows 7 performance.
Hopefully, this is all you need to get your computer running like new and handle all the work you throw along the way. But if you do not notice progress, you may have a bigger problem. I use registry cleaner and optimization to keep my computer as new.

Source by Cliff Woods

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