Sorry for your BlackBerry?

We live in a society where we are inundated by interference almost every hour we are awake. It comes in the form of broadcasting, television, college clubbing, challenging customers, etc. We are constantly changing our attention from one distraction to another. The title of this article came to me since I did not realize too long that I had a problem that affected my life's quality. My blackberry was taking away from many free moments I once had.

When was the last time you walked down the street, either text, email, surfing or talking on your phone? What happened in the days to take a walk and enjoy a stroll? The motivation behind this article focuses on creating a career that is highly qualified for individual strengths and abilities. We yearn for all the better lives and jobs that meet us and encourage us, but very few of us are willing to enable us to improve ourselves internally. The experiment I'm referring to requires reflections on our thoughts and desires, but taking the time to develop a plan that is in line with our natural talent.

The Blackberry or Smartphone revolution has taken a lot of time to reflect our thoughts and dreams. This free time we have is where the creature is born and appears in the possibilities. There is a possibility of making new and exciting things; the possibility of changing our lives. Try this for one week and I promise you will change your life. Instead of watching your smartphone every 10 minutes, turn off the ringing device and the vibration and check it for 2 or 3 hours instead. Trust me that the world can wait until they answer you. You will not look at this natural rubbing incentive to see who is calling or sending an email because your phone flashes red or vibrating that indicates a new message has occurred. With new time that focuses on your work at hand and in between take some of this new time and focus on your own dreams and thoughts (build yourself better!). I guarantee that you will see immediate effect. In addition, if you go on vacation but go for a vacation! Do not get caught up in viewing work messages several times a day as your vacation will be more enjoyable and refreshing than you deserve. We work hard to enjoy our lives, so enjoy as much as you can. When you look back on your life, the whole time on your BlackBerry will mean nothing compared to the time you spend with others and with you.

All the best in your career!

Source by Christopher J Quinn

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