Sony Xperia Z5 Review

The smartphone we had all wanted but never been lucky to see is finally over. Sony has yet exceeded expectations and finally the tendency for their needs and wishes to countless fans. Have launched another phone in the perfect Xperia series, Z5 is probably the best out there and here's why.


After Xperia S / P, a few users suggested that the design was not as comfortable and elegant as they expected. The Z5 that came out in 2015 is all for it. Have a gorgeous and unique body, rectangular, but curved to get a better grip and just back awesomeness when you look at the wonderful back with the camera just top left, though it has features to show off.

The phone is 5.7 "tall and 0.28" thickness can make it simple for everyone to call it neat and the length is 2.83 "The power does not just knock out of the body as before was the model and get bad The phone is not only dustproof, it is also waterproof. Sides and Rubber Indicators


With 5, The 2 "FHD 1080p screen, which means 1920×1080, really makes the screen a little better compared to other phone devices in the market. The phone raises the bar to a new level. The screen works perfectly when you get the pictures from the incredible camera, which makes the true ideology of the concept, the reality.


The smartphone we all need has a fast performance. And the Z5 is ready for it. A-core Cortex-A53 clock at 1.5 GHz and another four-core Cortex A57, plus Adreno 430 GPU. It also supports 3GB RAM. The previous model Z3 + had reviews on the issues in its performance, but Sony ensures that they have been added this time.


One Key Factor, Z5 comes with the built-in Android 5.1 Lollipop and a new feature is a mixed user interface for both Sony and Android. The phone also comes with one of the best fingerprints sensors out there.


The news you've all had to crave. The camera, in simple terms, is hiring the market with 23 megapixels. By reaching this peak with these features, this phone actually takes a new level along with its features and screen resolution, the images are hard to tell of reality. Slow motion video and auto focus with almost 0.03 seconds, make this phone a marvelous smart phone in the market.

Source by Mohammad Arbaz

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