Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

Introducing Sony's latest Sony Ericsson Vivaz with Symbian operating system and fast processor speed 720 MHz. Sony Ericsson Vivaz is an elegant yet sleek phone from a Japanese manufacturer. It has a good internal memory of 75 mb which can be further upgraded to 8GB with the help of a small miscroSD card. Here are no worries about storage, as you can store your favorite movies, photos, music and photos by clicking on a button. The Vivaz supports all types of normal frequencies like GPRS, EDGE, GSM and Quad band. It also weighs light in the pocket of only 97g. The powerful lithium battery gives you endless hours of talk time on one reload.

You can control all phone operations with touch screen. The camera offers high quality images with a maximum resolution of 8.1 megapixels. The quality of video recording is not bad at all, because you can capture your amazing moments at 24 fps. The radio station allows you to connect the phone directly to the TV so you can watch your pictures and videos and even listen to music. The other features are GPRS and Bluetooth. The Vivaz phone has a sleek curve and it fits snuggly in the pocket. Even if it is a plastic coating, the phone does not look flimsy at all.

Vivaz has a large touch screen that measures 3.2 inches and provides extremely crisp visibility. The highlight of this phone is the cameras that really are for all Sony Ericsson phones. The camera offers some useful features, such as images with view, face view, and multivariate. Every detail is taken completely by the camera. Video quality is also respectable with features such as video interruption and also continuous automated focusing features.

You can access the entire menu with a click or two. Sony is also planning to announce the advanced Pro version of Vivaz soon. The phone is known for its excellent design and video capability, but it does not fall under the touch screen and slow operating system.

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