Sony Ericsson targeting of teenagers

It feels like Sony finally realized the importance of this development that is more popular among young people. The point is that this is exactly the group that will help introduce Sony Ericsson devices around. The group of young people is always trying to get something that will combine all that is necessary to fulfill their wishes.

It's no surprise that the Sony Ericsson Walkman series has such great popularity among young people. They enjoy the smartphone along with the most interesting features of MP3 players and much more. These series are quite attractive also because of the style and of course the variety of bright colors.

And now Sony Ericsson announced the fulfillment of the order with a list of new models. This time is Sony Spiro and Sony Zylo. Although the first of the list is a simple device that is almost the same as the rest of the models in the Walkman series. As for the latter model, this is far advanced.

The first and fairly interesting things to analyze the device are the ability to keep playing music while talking on the phone. Nevertheless, this does not mean you have to yell or shout as the device will play the music on the background.

The device also has interesting music possibilities in the form of FLAC support. Although the main disadvantage of the smartphone Sony Zylo is the absence of the 3.5mm audio cushion available on the cheaper version of Sony Spiro.

Source by Anna Avetisyan

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