Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones – Camera Phone Successful Walkman Emulation

Sony Ericsson tried to test the success of the Walkman series and introduced the K800i to the mobile phone market. This device is far more than a mobile. In fact, this is a digital camera with a phone attached to it. Sony's famous, unique digital camcorder, Cyber-shot, is embedded in the camera. This is the best camera phone in the UK.

Phone number

This Sony Ericsson mobile phone is beautifully built and ready, and is solidly built. This phone gives a much bulkier look than it really is. The keyboard is well-designed and easy to use, though a bit small. People with big hands are a bit difficult to use. The K750i and the W800i also delight you. This facilitates navigation. The big screen fills the fascinating look of the phone.


The main feature of the Sony Ericsson mobile phone is the 3.2 megapixel camera on the back. It's a bulky lens. This lightly pulls on the phone. A little draw here is that the lens slides down and automatically activates the camera. Your phone has the shutter button and zoom buttons on the handset side and a 2-inch landscape screen. The camera is not only the highest resolution but also the best option quality. Autofocus and real xenon flashes approach the digital camera. There is also an image stabilizer and an automatic red eye. There is a second video camera for 3G video calls.

Photo Management

Your phone has the option of 3G technology, which is the best selling feature. This user can blog the image and send it to the blog without the computer. The device has a unique feature called BestPic (TM). It also allows PictBridge compatibility, so the camera is similar to a digital camera as it prints directly to the photo printer.

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