Sometimes Smartphone Applications Create contact files

Smartphone applications can cause conflicts with vehicle technology, such as Ford Sync. These conflicts can affect your ability to access phone contacts when using voice commands. In this "technical workshop" we will consider some solutions.

Sometimes when you try to use the Ford Sync system to call a handsfree phone number and handsfree system can answer, "Calling Dot on Cell …" The Bluetooth system will then go to the first alpha phone to contact and start to call . This can be annoying, but it is not because of the sync system, which may be due to your phone and the applications you use.

With the increasing number of smartphone users, there are more and more "problems" when it comes to using Bluetooth-enabled systems like the Ford Sync System.

With the growing number of smartphone users, there seems to be a problem that users can not access their contacts in their phone book. Although the phone was paired correctly and the phone book has been "downloaded" to the system, it still can not call.

For example, on the Ford Sync system, when you press the voice button on the wheel and says "Phone." The system responds, "Phone, specify your command." Then you say, "Call John Smith on a cell." The sync system can answer with "Calling Dot on Cell." Then it calls the first name listed in your phone book. What is up?

One thing to do is open your contact list and make sure all the first names are only input to the First Name. Be sure to add the last name of the page to the last name. Then enter their phone number in the field corresponding to the start of the phone, such as Home, Mobile or Work. Automatic systems like Ford Sync System can not "find" extensions if they are not listed in the right field. Please enter your information into the correct data area.

This new version is related to software applications. At least one smartphone application lets you add emoticons (such as smiley faces and so on) in text messages or smartphone files. There is a problem that even one smiley (or, in other words, unauthorized punctuation marks and symbols used in phone book data) will corrupt the phone book so that the sync system can not interpret any contact names.

Solution: Do not use this app with contacts in your phone book. If you do, you can not depend on any Bluetooth handsfree device to "find" a contact name. You must call the phone with your phone while you run – and this destroys all the purpose of handsfree Bluetooth systems. Or you can delete the application from your phone and go back and change any emoticons, logos, works of art, icons, punctuation marks and so on that you add to your phone book.

After clearing unusual data from your contacts list, you may need to reset your phone. Usually, do this by turning off the phone for one minute or restarting it again. For phones, like iPhone, you might want to do what is called "soft reset". Here's a quick photo link on Soft reset for iPhone .

Source by Vincent Hennigan

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