Some useful educational apps on the iPhone

iPhone is a modern technological miracle, no doubt but most commonly used for entertainment purposes, rather than concentrating on other useful areas on which the device is designed. You may not know, but there are many useful iPhone apps for your education. Students and adults can benefit from these educational applications by increasing their knowledge.

History: Maps of the World

This is an application that is useful in both history and geography. This is a free application that includes a world map of the world. Maps of different continents can be browsed at different points throughout history. Up-to-date maps can be viewed with their current borders.


Redshift is a wonderful astronomical application that has received rave reviews from users. An extraordinarily acceptable application, a better understanding of swimming, offers a new perspective on astronomy. Both minors and larger planetary planes are accurately featured with constellations and stars. 3D models are used to display regions near the galaxy. It is worth exploring the stars that were 3000 light years away from the application. The Follow Sky mode allows the use of position sensors and compasses to identify stars and planets in real time.


Need help with studying the next exam? Cram is an application designed for this purpose. This allows users to create their own flash card-based tutorials and multiple quizzes. The application will still respond randomly to the fact that commenting on the right option is unusable. Students can use online synchronization to access their online tests online. The app allows you to share the test with your friends. The only disadvantage is the $ 4.99 high cost.

Elements for iPhone 4

A comprehensive eBook application that captures the deeper concept of the world's different components, Elements for iPhone 4 helps you understand the Periodic Table in a New Perspective. Detailed interactive images of various items are available that move and rotate by touch. The app is interesting to present all up-to-date information on items. Students of all ages can learn something useful from this application.

iStudiez Pro

Students who are having difficulty with a prejudicial scientific schedule can use this application to allow them to follow their curricula, project deadlines, lectures, extracurricular activities, homework and laboratory timetables. Both parents and teachers can closely monitor our departments. academic performance through the application. This is one of the most popular educational applications because it is easy to use. This is not a free application, so you have to pay $ 2.99 to use this app. But considering the app's many benefits, the price is more than reasonable.

Mathematical formulas

This is an essential application for any student who is good in terms of mathematics. It serves as a useful learning tool, enabling difficult mathematical equations to reach very quickly. All formulas are grouped by theme by theme. In the application, there is any mathematical relationship between trigonometry and algebra. Users can view all the formulas associated with that post by clicking on that option. However, complex mathematical formulas are not included in the application.

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