Some of the unofficial methods to increase mobile signal strength

The name on the cellphone screen flashes and the smile appears on his face as the caller is very nice, but suddenly he sees a single signal strength, and all joy disappears immediately. Did it happen to you? If so, you must be terribly familiar with the methods by which the mobile phone can get stronger signal strength in place. Here are some unusual but extremely effective ways to increase mobile subscription.

1) Use Tesla Coils and Tape

Take a piece of Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit, and connect it to the outside antenna of the phone using a tape. It really helps to increase the signal strength of the phone. However, this option is only possible if you find the external antenna on your phone.

2) Put the paper clips in the workplace

Here's the easiest way to enhance the signal strength of your mobile phone. Paper clips are easily accessible anywhere. You just need to insert it into the phone's external antenna. But be careful when you can use this clip incorrectly for scratches on the screen or on the body.

3) Select the Discarded Radio Antenna

No, we do not joke here, the trick really works. All you have to do is connect a copper wire and connect the cellphone's external antenna to a radio antenna. If you still do not believe it, you can see the testimonials published on YouTube that guarantee the good results of the technique.

4) Remove Clue from the Tin-Can phone

Remember that you used the canteen as a kid? If you reassemble it by brazing two boxes, connect it to the external antenna of the phone using a copper wire. It probably takes time, but the results can be wonderful. You can add 2 or 3 badges on the phone screen.

5) Create Extra Antenna

Take a piece of insulated wire, ideally 20 cm long, and wrap it with a stick to make it yourself. If it is placed on the external antenna of the mobile phone, it acts as an extra antenna and provides greater signal strength to provide uninterrupted high-quality call and browsing experience.

6) Never let the signal lights fall below 2

Exhausted batteries require more energy to search for signals. Therefore, charging the phone on a regular basis can be a good way to minimize connectivity problems. Make sure the phone's battery is at least 2 bar all the time. If you find that it is beyond this point, upload it.

I hope you find these methods to make the battery problems useful. You can also invest in a high quality mobile signal amplifier to enjoy the power of sound at your home, office, or car.

Source by Vijay Mishra

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