Some of the best luxury brands for men available in the UK

Forget designer brands, most of them produce mass in Asia to cater to its global market.

1) Smythson

Despite 125-year-old old Smythsons, including spell as John Menzies, a subsidiary, reporter, until a regulator of shopping in 1998 became an impetus for establishing a modern Luxury sign with forward view, with legacy to rely on. With its stationary lines, which are currently leather goods, Smythsons offers a range of wallets that respect the simplicity and quality of design, innovation or tricks.

Pick the package: Panama 8 short calf wallet 175 kr.

2) Pickett

Founded in the nineties by Trevor Pickett, Pickett's website does not apply the quality of the product. With its stores in Sloane Street, London and Burlington Arcade, Pickett sells a wide range of high quality British leather goods, along with Pachminas and other accessories. Those in exotic leather, including lambskin, strut, lizard and crocodile, and their wallets are simple, elegant and underrated, often use two colors and only a few types to choose from.

: Lambskin 8 short short wallet 175 kr.

3) Ettinger

Holders of Royal Prince of Wales, Ettinger is a family company founded in 1930 and is equally aware of the past and future. Since he has acquired James Homer Ltd, a former handcrafted craftsman, in 1999, the company has gone from strength to strength. There are products in collections, some cooperation with other luxury brands like Bentley and Wimbledon, and the brand is defined by combinations of different colors. Cutting edge concept and design along with masterpieces comes at a cost though – although less than genuine Bentley, to be fair.

Package Delivery: Saint Crispin Bracken & Eggshell 6 Card £ 166.67.

4) Tusting

Tusting is a fifth-generation family company that manufactures a range of classic leather luggage and accessories. Wallets are handmade in an English workshop, with leather from Scandinavia, America, England and South Africa. By finishing a more conservative choice of color, the emphasis is placed on traditional customers – even if they make iPad and iPhone sleeves – and quality is as good as anybody.

Founded by a Czech importer.

Founded by Immigrant Bags After World War II, Launer has named the "handbag manufacturer of the Lord". Wallet Launer is extremely high quality and is manufactured in Walsall, near Birmingham, the traditional home of the English leather company. Although there is no doubt about quality, trying to modernize the gap a little bit clumsy.

Choice of packages: 8 cardboard £ 154

For the best luxury leatherwear for men look for the above types – or of course you could try some of the new generation of Competitors at the beginning.

Source by Hugo Lesser

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