Solve Camtasia-WMV Import Issue in Less than a Minute

As a User of Camtasia Video Editing Software I have often researched issues that cost me a lot of time. I suppose if I had taken the time to visit the TechSmith Knowledge Base or maybe search for online solutions, I could find an answer to my problem right away. The fact of the matter, I did not take any of these options. We will just match it to the man who is similar to not stopping and asking for guidance. I made an idea of ​​a process of overcoming the issue, but this approach is far from ideal.

I do not know how many edit WMV files with Camtasia; I sometimes call to do it. Most of the time I refer to the Camtasia file called .camrec or AVI files as admission requirements for a video. These two types of input files work well in Camtasia and never cause issues. It is the WMV file type that is incompatible with Camtasia Studio.

The point I am referring to is the import of a WMV file that causes the following warning messages:

C: / bla /bla/blablabla/xx-xx-xxxx-xx.wvm has Abnormal Handwriting Current which may cause production problems.

For me there is no "can" about it, there is a production problem and even sometimes a change problem. What I used to do to resolve this issue was to use Camtasia screen recorder to record the WMV video again on .camrec format. As you can imagine it was extremely time-consuming and heavy waste of time. You see that there is another statement in the error message that would have saved me a lot of time if I had only responded to it. It sounds pretty complicated so I choose to find another solution – my mistake.

"For best results, you can use Windows Media File Editor to move the caption stream of this video in the header before moving into Camtasia Studio."

After a little poking about, I recently found Windows Media File editor on my computer. With a little more poking around WMFE, I was able to find one click control that solved the problem. Under the File in the upper toolbar, you can "move the header headings …". Needless to say I'm kidding me for not taking the time to do the action that the alarm indicates. Hopefully this has not happened to you.

Here are instructions to resolve this issue in less than one minute.

  • Open Windows Media File Editor. In Windows 7 and Vista, I found it in Start – All Programs – Windows Media / Utilities / Windows Media File Editor.
  • Under the File tab, click Open to load your WMV file.
  • When the file is open return to the File tab. Click the Move Scripts button in the header …
  • Back to the Files tab, click Save and Options …

Now it's all about importing WMV in Camtasia to complete the project.

Source by Woody Longacre

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