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Beginner - Discover the 4 biggest obstacles that keep you from losing your stubborn weight and learning how to work right (without hiring a personal coach) to turn your body into a sex, fit and perpetual fat burning machine!

Read less. Read better. See the results.

You are tired of weight loss and you have wasted your time to spend time in the gym that works out!

You're tired of seeing your weight up and down, and jumping from one "pillow" diet to another ... with nothing more to show than frustration and sense of despair.

And last but not least, you're tired of not feeling well about what you look and feel. You know the real you are somewhere inside but you just do not know how to bring it out! You can not get out of your edge.

But thankfully, it's all about changing. Keep reading and I'll show you how.

However, before we find out, do not you agree that you have trouble losing and improving your skills because you do not have one, among other things, to encourage, train and push you through your workout?

And maybe, just maybe ... you have fought because you have not worked in the same order or because you have been doing the same boring exercises over and over that have nothing but lead to a big fat highland even harder for you to lose weight?

Well, if so, I'm going to make you a very happy (and fit) person - finally!

My name is Yuri Elkaim and the past 12 years I I helped thousands of people as you lose weight fast and get in the best shape of life!

Believe me, I know what you're going through. You are not alone. Indeed, as you are, millions of people around the world are in the same boat as you.

I'm talking about people who want to lose weight and fit but do not seem to do it.

You have not lost your weight and started your skills for one or more of the following reasons:

You do not have enough time to train

You are not worried about workout [19659002] It's too expensive to hire a coach

You do not know how to train correctly

You repeat the same workout again and again

You have not seen your performance - your clothes It does not match your workout,

You will find because you feel comfortable or feel like wasting time in a sweaty gym surrounded by "meatballs" that are grabbing all the equipment and grunting every time they lift weight.

Now, these are just a few of the many possible reasons that are likely to hold you hostage from the body you deserve.

Well, as I said before ....

I've been doing this for over 12 years now and I've helped more than 41,000 pe live (from all walks of life) around the world. I'm a certified physiotherapist, a registered holistic nutritionist and a training and training coach for the men's soccer program at the University of Toronto. I also played professional football for 3 years before graduating with a college degree in Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto.

In order to put my knowledge into practice, I immediately began training clients in one year of the university and for more than a decade after that.

Needless to say, for some time, reflecting a similar pattern in human behavior over and over again. We are all human after all. That's how I know what I know.

Discover the secret to fit and lose weight fast - completely free!

1. Quickly download free "How to Match and Lose Weight Fast" report, where you will learn 4 temporary training and nutrition rules to lose weight and get better than ever before - completely free!

2. You'll also get a free 45-minute Fitter U ™ iPod workout and experience what you've missed from wokouts.

Simply enter your name and email address below and I will immediately send you 2 free gifts.

These gifts are your free to thank you for visiting my website.

Before we continue, keep in mind if I ask you a question?

Have you ever jumped into your car, drive through the traffic to the gym, wondering at the gym goallessly and did not know what to do?

You know what I mean, right?

You get to the gym, it's packed. All machines are taken. You can smell sweat in the air. The meatballs are throwing them big heavy weeds, grunting with each rope. The music is blaring and when you feel like going.

But you force yourself to be because you've already gone through so much to get there. But now, not only do you feel like going, you do not know what exercises to do. Even if you have a workout with you, the device is taken so that you can not even enjoy it.

Busting puts in. Then despair. Now, think about whether you even want to keep your fitness club!

Thus you sit on a stationary bike or oval - one of the safest places in a crazy world! And to make you feel like you've been "productive", you simply go through the movements of your heartline for 30 minutes while watching a disrupted TV that has nothing to do with getting you in shape.

Lighten your workout, storm out of the gym faster than bullets going to a gun, jump into your car and drive home.

"Another Waste of Workout!"

Can you connect with this story?

I certainly do. And so, thousands of other customers who have the same frustration.

But this scenario can not mean you. Perhaps you work at home or even spend the most time in the gym.

But you're still not getting the results you want, right?

Tell me to ask another question ...

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?

If so, then it's great. I'm sure you've noticed significant differences in the structure and focus of your workouts compared to when you're concentrating, right?

And I'm sure the results have spoken separately.

If you have not had a luxury hire a personal coach, one biggest factor was probably the cost, right?

I will not lie - if you have a physical personal trainer 3 times a week for one year then you should definitely see some impressive results.

Certainly not you. And definitely not me!

I think it's fair to say that it's not a viable option for 99.99% of the population. Do not you agree?

But it does not change the fact that you need a coach to put you through your workout.

How else should you push when hard? (You know what I mean - it's easy to surrender when you do not have a drill sergeant and tell you to continue!)

How else are you going to have a weight loss training program designed for you who are constantly developing to to improve your skills?

How to expect to be responsible for the goals you have set for you?

I think we can agree to go for it EVERYWHERE do not plan to get you weight loss and the ability to lead you so desperately. You are not going to create a beautiful fit body on your own.

If you work out in a manufactured way, you should not look for a solution - you would not read it now!

You would have already lost the weight. You would already fit into these tiny jeans. You would not be worried about going on a scale anymore. You would already find sex and safer.

But the fact is that you do not!

I'm sorry to tell you this, but that's the truth.

Are not you tired of looking at a mirror and not being happy with what you see?

And I mean it the best way. I do it truly.

I know that deep inside you, you know the reality you're covering. You have seen alerts about this person before. This safe, passive and sexy go-getter who does not accept a response and goes the way you want.

But for some reason you have been hostage with a body and identity that does not represent an amazing person you really are.

Maybe life has come true. Perhaps you have a challenging family and / or work life. Perhaps you have put your second on the back burner while you care about your children or your career.

Or maybe you've just expressed hope. You have tried every diet and exercise tool there and nothing seems to work. And any results you get do not seem to last. Your weight has gone up and down as you have jumped from one "solution" to the next.

I understand completely. I've been there myself. And then there are thousands of customers around the world.

I've been blessed to help so many people finally get rid of their real potential, lose weight once and for all and get the best shape of life.

Whether you want to lose 100 pounds, 50 pounds or 10 pounds, I know I can help you. And I know you need my help!

If you did not, why a host here.

And I find out that you might be wondering how my "approach" will help you. Now, as you read this, this little voice in your head is probably telling ...

"Why is this different from what I have tried in the past? How do I know this will not be another mistake attempt "Why should I trust this man?"

And you have the right to ask those questions. It's my job to answer them.

As your friend and trainer, I'm here to tell you that the decisions you make every day shape your life.

Now you are on the website and you decide to change not only your body and health but your whole life.

Are you ready to change things? For things to improve? Finally, not only does it feel comfortable but sturdy in the body? Feeling like you're unstoppable? To show your body what you want without worrying about what he might think?

Would not it be great if you were the one who looked up and would be the same?

If so, then it's great!

But you need to START do things differently than what you are doing right now. Otherwise you're still here - in the same depression, in shape, overweight body - a few months from now. A few years ago. A few decades from now.

How devastating would it be?

You deserve better. Your family deserves so much better.

Are you finally ready to fit, lose weight and turn your body into a perennial fat burning machine?

Well, if so, I want to help you!

Remember how we talk about the fact that you need a coach or fitness coach to put you through your workout?

Well, if you think about it, have every success in the world or have got a coach to catch them at the top. Nobody can do it alone.

Think of all the great athletes - Wayne Gretzky, David Beckham, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods (aside: he could use a coach when it came to women), Lebron James and many others.

All they have in common is that they have a coach to catch them in the top. Both Gretzky and Beckham were trained by their fathers for most of the youth. They were introduced not only with the physical skills needed to conduct sports but also in a spiritual attitude to success.

The same applies to business executives, entrepreneurs and daily people around the world who have conquered remarkable obstacles to accomplishing their dreams. For many, the dream was to lose weight and change their body in the gym.

Even to me, as a former professional footballer, my success (and later) did not go until I was trained right by the right people. Now, even in the business world, the same applies.

You see being too heavy are just symptoms. It's a goal like everyone else who needs a coach who can show you how. Someone who can give you a roadmap to your weight loss destination. And someone who can encourage you, build yourself up and put the correct ideas into your head so nobody (including yourself) can keep you back from your fate!

I also mentioned that I no longer work 1-on-1 anymore. I just do not have time. I have too many to help.

But that's good news. I can still be your fitness coach. And show you how in a moment. But before I do, let me tell you about 4 big obstacles that have held you hostage to your dreams ...

4 Great obstacles that have literally caught your body to fit and lean - until now!

The problem: Most people think that hypotension is the key to losing weight

Where did it come from?

From those damn cardiovascular maps that show "fat burning" and "cardiac area". They basically say you burn fat you will have to practice in small quantities.

It's amazing how much damage a single grave can cause an entire population. This problem is mixed with so-called weight-loss specialists who preach the same.

Do not get me wrong, heart rate with arrhythmia will help you lose a little weight but only if you have 2-3 hours a day for workout. In addition, you start breaking down your precious muscles. Sounds like a waste of time to me.

The solution: Higher intensity of the heartline - drive. Interval Training

Contrary to research from most nations, temporary training is better than slow cardiovascular learning for weight loss and cardiovascular disease. Remember bombers versus longevity runner ???

The great stick of training on the technology of the field and the automotive research I had analyzed, I accidentally landed in a few studies that proved my theory without any doubt and completely transformed my thinking about your Fitter U exercise. This created the foundation for the Fitter U iPod workout and has now changed the practice of exercises for workout exercises.

In one of the Teachers' Lessons at Laval University in Quebec, slow, continuous aerobic vascular training included high-level weight training in a weight study.

Investigators were shocked by finding that the high intensity training group showed greater body weight than the workout group, although almost all weight loss in the world suggests prolonged cardiac function as a simple fat drainage.

In another landmark that helped create Fitter U weight loss training program, a doctoral student at the University of Guelph released a paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology that demonstrated high level of physical education, the amount of fat burned in an hour of continuous moderate cycling increased by 36% and workout in the body increased by 13%!

"Familiar" talent and athletes have long used exercise to improve performance. But this study shows that exercise also improves heart disease and helps the body burn more fat, even in subsequent low levels or moderate workout.

Even more encouraging is the fact that in April 2008, the American College of Sports Medicine published a report indicating that periodic training can lead to great cardiac depression and rapid weight loss with as few and three 15 minute meetings in just 2 weeks!

Another recent periodic study was published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises where a group of overweight women was assigned to one of two groups. The first group trained with high intensity while others began at low intensity (steady state). The length of workout was varied so that both groups burned 300 calories per batch.

The results showed that the qualification levels in the periodic training group increased by 13%. No such improvements were found in constant heart disease. Changes in body fat were also greater in subjects who used cardiac leakage. According to the research group, "... even if spending on expenses in the gym is equal, greater training can increase weight loss due to acute energy efficiency up to 24 hours after exercise."

These findings have been confirmed by scientists from the University of Alabama, which showed that solar energy spending was 160 calories higher in subjects who perform high training rather than continuous exercise.

And in 2006, another surfactant study that was published burned gastric juice better than a slow cardio. In this fat research study from Australia, scientists had 15 weeks of excessive exercise or slow, boring ECG.

Although the exercise group only exercised 20 minutes, 3 times a week, this group had more weight loss and burned more gastric fat than a slow cardio that lasted twice (40 minutes, 3 times a week).

This study shows (once again) that temporary training is extremely effective for losing weight and weight loss, all body fat loss. In addition, it's a fun but long, boring cardio and takes half of the time.

With the Fitter U workout you will experience "creme de la creme" in a great workout. You must watch the fat melting body with as short and 8 minutes of cardio chart!

And temporary training is just one of many important weight loss in Fitter U exercises.

Here's Another Problem: Someone Did You Lift Light Light For 15-20 Reps If You Want A Tone, Right?

Just watch all exercises and body pumps in most gyms nowadays. These categories make me cold because they are wasting people's time. Make 50 repetitions of baskets with 10 pound weights! There is a safe way to interfere with your body!

Surely these classes are better than sitting on the sofa, but it's a better and more temporary way to lose weight and form a fit and tanned body.

The Solution: Full Body Particle Crossing

If you want to maximize your metabolism and get defined arms, stomach and legs, you will need to exercise in exercises with greater intensity. High-intensity training exercises found in the Fitter U program help to protect your stomach muscles and metabolism, you are almost sure to miss a traditional dietary noise, aerobic class or chronic exercise schedule.

In a study conducted in the United States, scientists had individuals perform total workout training three times a week for 12 weeks. And at the end of the study, the results were nothing of effort. On average, individuals received 4 pounds of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat!

And it was without training and no instructions were given to individuals to make any changes to their diet. Just imagine the results they could achieve if they contain other components of the Weight Loss in the training.

35 different Fitter U workouts (yes, that's right - 35 different and great ipod exercises!) Are

Cross-training workouts are used because they have much of the same liposuction like heart rate training but with powerful exercises like and push your lungs, and soccer.

The prerequisites of channel training is that you move from one resistance training to the next without much rest between each. This keeps your heart rate up, which in turn helps you burn more calories (and provides more cardiovascular workouts, too).

Full body weight training (ie muscles. In contrast, it burns more calories because the more muscle you have at work, the more oxygen that requires the body. And as you burn 5 calories for every 1 liter of oxygen use, these exercises burn in the body more calories than most of them reach an hour-long ECG!

The most powerful part of these exercise exercises is because they stimulate the muscles, your metabolism is constantly improved. Because your metabolic rate is directly related With your muscle mass, the more time you spend the exercise of your muscle, the faster your metabolism will be to complete the unwanted pounds of fat.

If something is learning from this website, this is your ... metabolic rate 70% of your daily costs. To increase your metabolic rate (and, consequently, calories when you burn) you need to participate in strength training to maintain or build your muscles. It's so simple! Muscle is a metabolite. Muscle literally increases fat.

With Fitter U My training coach you will not be big and cumbersome. I would have lost my job as a university and training coach and weight training if males and female athletes and clients became big and bulky and slow in the field or got too much of it.

Therefore with Fitter You will enjoy a combination of strength training exercises that use palms, stability balls and body weight to help you get fit, but improve your muscular fitness and workout. And do not forget about my secret weapon with short, temporary training to help you burn more fat, lose weight, build lean muscle and improve your energy.

Fitter U is not bodybuilding and watering Do not make yourself big and bulky, but it will help you burn fat and lose weight fast.

Oh, and if you do not believe you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time, the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that humans, even those over 60 years old, can build muscle and burn fat with only one strength training !

Strength training is essential for weight loss. But it's also important to know the strength of your exercises, how many reps to perform, how much rest you need, and much more.

With Fitter U, that's not a concern for you. Instead, I'll tell you exactly how long you have to work out, when to rest while giving you precise verbal instruction on how to perform each resistance training as well as possible. Using your mp3 talent over the headset will be like having your very personal coach wherever and whenever you want!

Still another problem: Doing the same workout again and again leads to flat

You've probably heard this one before, right? And that's all right. The problem is, however, that most people still do nothing about it.

They continue to do the same workout routine over and over again.

I have even redesigned programs for clients who were doing precise workouts 5 times a week for 3 months! It's crazy.

If you're doing this too, you're missing real results. Probably your body is probably on the ground and you are likely to find it very hard to lose more weight.

The Solution: Keep Your Muscles Guess

Instead of watching the same general workout from an ebook or gym magazine, did you know that you can better improve your likelihood of weight loss by adding variety to your workout?

Fortunately, when using Fitter U, you will have over 38 workouts that will challenge your muscles in new and exciting ways in every workout. This prevents your body from adapting to any special exercise and hitting unwanted plato.

Instead, your muscles continue to be "confused" as new motion tests show maximum strength while burning unnecessary fat.

New and challenging exercises are further enhanced with exercise in exercises. Over the 12 week Fitter U fitness plan, each workout becomes more challenging when you get in better shape. Therefore, as you progress, it also raises the challenge and intensity of your workout. This is important in preventing feared plague and stagnation of weight loss.

Progress is one key factor in the success of any fitness plan. Fitter U is the only weight training program that guides you through an ever-challenging fatigue exercise, but at the right time, giving your body the rest, you need to repair, restore and bounce back for more!

The combination of muscle changes and workout makes Fitter U in your class when it comes to exercise that helps you lose weight quickly and come in an amazing form. After just a few exercises, you'll see exactly what I mean!

And do not worry about all this technology - I'll be on your headset to let you know exactly what to do and how to do it. You do not have to think about things!

Biggest problem: You'll never get enough on your own

This is the biggest problem by keeping people back from their abilities. You see, it's very easy to surrender when going hard.

For example, think of your last workout ...

When your muscles were burning and all you wanted to stop was happening? If you are like 99% of the population, you probably did. And that's all right. It's just the way it is. And so you need a coach to push you a little bit.

Because it's when you push out of your comfort zone, a true breakthrough occurs. Imagine having an inspiring voice that encourages you to give only one rope or continue for 10 seconds. That's the difference here!

The Solution: Look Out for Yourself for Inspiration, Accountability, and Free Spending

It feels like yesterday, but like 3 years ago I was training up to 60 customers a week. I do not even think I have a personal life. I would go to the gym before sunrise and get home after sunrise. My cup was full - if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, more and more people wanted to employ my expertise to help them lose weight quickly and achieve good results.

But the problem was twice.

First, as you can imagine, I could no longer accept new customers - at least if I wanted to maintain my spiritual and personal relationships!

Secondly, most people who wanted (and needed) were unable to hire me. I felt terrible because I wanted to support and support as many people as possible to healthier and physical parties but there was no way I could possibly train everyone for free!

Then one day where I was working with amazing customers He suggested something that changed my life - and later the lives of thousands of others.

He's a creative person, and he suggested that I put together "boasted" weight disturbances and unique ability to encourage others into a training plan that everyone could benefit from - not just those I was training.

I thought, "How did I do that?"

Hann lagði einnig til að ég tók upp röddina mína eins og ég væri þarna að þjálfa einstaklinginn persónulega. Þessi hlustunar- eða mp3þjálfun myndi veita hreyfimyndun, þjálfunargögn, líkamsræktarþjálfun og rétta æfingarleiðbeiningar fyrir annað fólk til að njóta besta æfingarinnar alltaf!

Aðallega var hann að leggja til að ég setti mig á heyrnartólin. Og eins og ég vildi með viðskiptavinum mínum í "persónulegum" myndi ég þjálfa þig í gegnum allan líkamsþjálfun þína frá upphitun til að kæla niður og allt spennandi efni á milli!

Ég hélt, "VÁ! Það er ljómandi! "Og þetta er einmitt það sem fólk þarf - það er frekar að þeir geti ekki náð sér.

Og með mikilli ráðgjöf skapaði ég Fitter U - þægilegri, hagkvæmari og færanlegri góð leið til að njóta góðs af líkamsræktarþjálfuninni (sama hversu hæfni þín er) og ná markmiðum þínum að komast í form og missa þyngd!

Þess vegna með Fitter U, munt þú aldrei æfa sig einu sinni aftur! Allt sem þú þarft er iPod eða MP3 spilari og þú getur notið góðs af líkamsræktarþjálfuninni og heimsþekktum þyngdartapiþjálfun rétt fyrir heyrnartólin. Það er eins auðvelt og að spila leik!

EKKI dæmigerður langur, leiðinlegur og óinspennandi líkamsþjálfun

Þegar ég var að búa til Fitter U, dró ég þyngdartruflanir og innsýn af bæði reynslu minni og þjálfun sem faglegur knattspyrnustjóri og víðtæka Háskólanám. Ó, og ég get ekki gleymt gríðarlegu skjalasafninu um líkamsþjálfunartæki sem ég hafði þróað til að hjálpa viðskiptavinum mínum að ná í besta formi lífsins!

Innsýnin frá þessum heimildum var staðfest mér einu sinni þegar ég er að vinna á fylgjast með háskólanum í Toronto. Á meðan ég var að æfa í þjálfun á æfingum (röð af hléum eftir að ég hélt áfram) tók ég eftir að "íþróttamenn" höfðu slíka, sléttan, sterkan og lágan líkama, en enginn þeirra gerði hægar langvarandi hjartalínurit æfingu í nokkrar klukkustundir.

Enn fremur voru íþróttamennirnir sem voru að hlaupa í kringum akbrautina alla kílómetra, lóðréttir, lítill og skortir vöðva.

Hefur þú einhvern tíma tekið eftir því hvernig halla og vöðva sprinters eru bornar saman við langlínuspilara?

Svo Það hvatti mig til að einblína á æfingar og líkamsþjálfun sem myndi ekki aðeins hjálpa einhverjum að léttast en búa til halla og tóninn líkama. Eftir allt saman, enginn vill vera lítill feitur maður, ekki satt?

Þar af leiðandi býður Fitter U sérstaka æfingar og þjálfunarþjálfun á æfingum sem byggjast á vísindalegum sönnunarreglum sem notaðar eru af sterkustu íþróttamönnum og lélegustu og sterkustu fólki. I have adapted these workout routines for regular guys and gals and I’ve tested them on literally thousands of people – all with amazing results!

Take for instance my personal clients (back in the day) who were my beta-testers for the Fitter U program.

Within weeks, and sometimes just days, my clients were reporting noticeable and fast weight loss, increased muscle tone, and greater strength as a result of the Fitter U circuit training workouts.

And they were even more excited to learn that they didn't have to be in the gym for 90 minutes, 6 days per week like the bodybuilding magazines suggested. In fact, most of them did the workouts in their home just 3 times per week!

Let Me Ask You a Question...

Have you ever read 974 research papers?

Worked with more than 1,255 clients (and athletes) to "perfect" something that others would argue is "good enough" as it is?

Spent YEARS of your life working toward achieving something solely because you knew it had the potential to be great?

And when you put that kind of dedication—that kind of passion—in o developing and testing your ideas and methods, you truly gain an incredible understanding of the human body and when, where, and how you can accelerate fitness and weight loss results.

"I lost 14 lbs in just 7 weeks!"

“Before using the Fitter U program I was unsatisfied with my workout routines. Always finding it hard to leave my comfort zone, my workouts never had the intensity to help me achieve my weight loss goals.         After the first week of using the program I saw vast improvements in my core strength, and each week thereafter led to greater personal success. In just 7 weeks I lost 14 lbs!         Exercise is now easier than ever because I don’t have to put any thought into planning my workouts. The best part is: Yuri’s constant encouragement motivates you to put 100% of yourself into the workouts, which leaves you feeling fabulous after every one! With the Fitter U mp3 fitness training program I know I can achieve any goal I set for myself.”Amy Coates         Toronto, Canada

"I have shed 5% body fat and lost 18 lbs in just a few weeks!"

"I was never able to do a “man's” push-up and now I’m doing sets of them!!!! Thanks to Fitter U™ I feel stronger, I have gone down 3 dress sizes and I am feeling much better."Sylvia Fazzolari         Toronto, Canada

"In just 6 weeks I have lost almost 20 lbs, 2 inches from my hips, 4 inches from my waist!"

"My Fitter U™ experience has been great.I am now in the middle of week two of phase two. For anyone new, if you think that week one of phase one is easy (that was my opinion), just wait until you get to let’s say week three, not to mention phase two. I had never ever in my life worked so hard yet had so much fun.         I wish I took pictures of me before I began the program and now. What a difference! In just 6 weeks I have lost almost 20 lbs, 2 inches from my hips, 4 inches from my waist, not to mention the fact that my bottom is lifted and much firmer.         What I like the most is your guidance on my iPod. You have such a nice voice but you are so very much convincing and motivating. Love your program. Can't wait for promised follow-up to it."Monika Kowalczyk         Toronto, Canada

"I've lost 15 lbs, and the toning and muscle definition I was searching for has finally appeared."

"From my very first session with Fitter U™, I knew this experience was going to be different. The circuit training workout was one of the most energizing and dynamic I’ve experienced! Not to mention, FUN!         What really makes Yuri a stand out for me is he not only addresses the exercise component, he also conditions you mentally ensuring you understand how important a healthy and positive mindset is to achieving your goals. Fitter U has taught me to set goals, commit to them and set my mind to not settle for anything less than my personal best.         Since working with Fitter U my level of fitness has steadily climbed. The workouts are ever-changing, reducing any chance of boredom and because of that, I continue to take the right steps toward my goals. My core strength has increased exponentially, I've lost 15 lbs, and the toning and muscle definition I was searching for has finally appeared."Terri-Lynn Bonnar         General Manager, Avalon Woods Health Club, Toronto, Canada

"My arms and shoulders have got great shape and muscle definition and my legs are back to how they used to look 18 years ago!"

"Yuri, I have just finished your 12 week Fitter U mp3 fitness program and I can honestly say that i feel SO much better than I have in years. I am now a lovely English size 10 and get up every morning and put on just about anything I fancy rather than changing a million times because I feel/look too fat!! My arms and shoulders have got great shape and muscle definition and legs are back to how they used to look 18 years ago!         Your 12-week Fitter U mp3 program has done me wonders not only in my figure but also my fitness levels and I even feel stronger mentally with everything I now do in life. I have been dreaming of being a beautician for most of my life and have done several courses over the years but never did anything about it, BUT, as we speak my husband is building me a room in the garden for me to start up my own business and all because i feel more positive and confident about everything.         I will always keep reminding myself of "NGU" (never give up) and it just pushes me forward!!         So on that note i would like to say a big THANK YOU to you Yuri for what you have brought into my life and i'm sure my 4 year old son and my husband would like to thank you too as I am now a much happier and positive person. You should be proud of what you do and everything that you share to make people feel better and how you affect their lives. Thank You!"Wendy Croud         Herne Bay, UK

"I’m seeing incredible results; I’ve lost about 12 pounds and can actually see changes in the mirror. I now have muscles on my arms – wow! And clothes I haven’t been able to fit into I can now!"

"I came across Fitter U with my life heading out of control. I was overweight at 217 pounds and had just been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. With a firm warning from my doctor, it was time for me to re-charge and re-invent myself - that's when I purchased Yuri Elkaim's Fitter U program.

At first, I was concerned that Fitter U was expecting too much from me. The workouts were intense (at least for me) and my sweat outtake could have filled buckets. But I kept listening to him and working at what he was explaining and showing me.

Within’ a month, I was amazed that I could finish 15 push ups without stopping. After each session, I could certainly feel the workout, but a day later I didn’t feel any muscle pain. So returning for the next session was easy. Yuri is so encouraging during the Fitter U workouts, and always believes that "you can do it!"; which is a strong confidant booster to work harder. And sometimes, the muscles just won’t work, yet Yuri always seems to find a way for me to somehow finish.

And I’m seeing incredible results; I’ve lost about 12 pounds and can actually see changes in the mirror. I now have muscles on my arms – wow! And clothes I haven’t been able to fit into I can now!

With Fitter U and Yuri's guidance, my physical confidence is starting to return – I don’t feel quite like the gym geek anymore.

I credit Fitter U and Yuri’s training for the remarkable first steps I have taken in my re-invention. I feel great; but I know I have a long way to go. This is why you’ll see me with the Fitter U workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for months to come."

Kevin Brault         Toronto, Canada

"I've enjoyed the level of work and encouragement that Yuri puts into each workout."

"I have been using the Fitter U program for a while now and have enjoyed the level of work and encouragement that Yuri puts into each workout.

I am feeling fitter and healthier thanks to using this program, I find the small nuggets of nutiritional advice a real help.

I have since, finding and using the Fitter U program, downloaded your Treadmill Trainer programs and purchased a copy of your book Eating for Energy! They have been tremendous as well. Thanks Yuri."Nicolai Prowse         Surrey, UK

"Fitter U is the best program on the market for those who are not able to workout with a personal trainer!" 

"The success journal is easy to follow with a complete array of pictures demonstrating how to safely and effectively perform each exercise and the audio workout component is absolutely brillant. I wish I thought of the idea! I recommend it to all my clients when they are out of town on business or vacation.  Great work Yuri!"

James Schepmyre         Personal Trainer

"This is without doubt an amazing program. It has motivated and guided me to phenomenal results!"

“I have been a client of Yuri Elkaim for a few years and for the last year have engaged myself in his Fitter U MP3 fitness program.         This is without doubt an amazing program. It has motivated and guided me with phenomenal results. It’s having a trainer right there without being physically present. So when I can't work with Yuri in person, at least he can still work with me!         The program has inspired me to reach my goals and become much “fitter” in just a few weeks. Thanks once again Yuri."Brian Dalfen         Toronto, Canada

"Yuri has taught me how to workout “smart” rather than long...I have lost 10 pounds in just 1 month and have gained muscle tone as well as increased my energy level!"

"Getting to the gym for a workout is a difficult juggling act for most people as well as myself, due to work, family and social commitments. I am a person who likes to feel physically fit and healthy and who enjoys all areas of fashion. It is important to me to look good as well as feel good, but I do not enjoy group exercises.

Working with Fitter U and having Yuri as my "virtual trainer" has been the best way for me to keep motivated to get to the gym regularly and to maximize each workout without spending more time than is necessary. Yuri has taught me to workout “smart” rather than long. On my own I would spend far too much time in the gym without maximizing the benefits.

The Fitter U workouts consist of exercises that I would not know how to plan on my own and that push me to extend my potential in a safe manner. This program has proved to be a great way to keep me focused and motivated on my goals. Yuri’s encouraging and challenging sessions have resulted in improving my cardiovascular endurance, core strength, muscle tone and balance. I have lost 10 pounds in just 1 month and have gained muscle tone as well as increased my energy level.

I also love the fact that I can take these workouts with me anywhere, any time, even while on vacation."

Hannah Hoppe         Toronto, Canada

You'll NEVER Workout Alone Again!

Fitter U is the only 12-week weight loss workout program in the world that is designed to be used with your iPod or MP3 player (or home stereo/computer).

That means you will never fall prey to giving up to soon, because you’ll have me on your headphones to keep you going. You’ll literally feel as if I’m right there beside you.

The fitness and motivation coaching that I provide you over these 35 iPod workouts is truly the next best thing to actually having me right there beside you.

Sure you could follow a simple (and ineffective) exercise plan that you pull from a fitness magazine but you'll never get the uplifting coaching and motivation that you get with my Fitter U iPod workouts.

The majority of my Fitter U clients site this “audio coaching” as the single biggest factor that helped them stay motivated to reach their goals!

I guarantee you have never experienced anything like this ever before!!!

You will never go back to your old boring workouts ever again.

Having my motivating coaching over your headphones will give you the extra push to do one more push-up, to push yourself that extra 1%, and the will to not give up like you probably would have on your own!

Let's face it - we all need a coach to push us that extra 1% because that's where we start to see significant results!

We all know people (maybe even yourself) who waste way too much time working out. You've seen them socializing, taking long water breaks, sitting around, or even reading a magazine. Most people don't even come close to exercising at the intensity that will help them lose weight fast and get in terrific shape.

But that's all about to change!

Since you'll be on my time during these iPod workout routines you won't waste time between sets or exercises. I let you know exactly how much rest to take and then when to get ready to jump back into the next exercise. I am the pace setter and that makes the world of a difference because it boosts the exercise intensity of your workouts and saves you time!

These time efficient weight loss workouts last anywhere from 35 to 70 minutes (including your warm-up, circuit training, cardio, and cool down) and give you the right workout plan and exercise intensity you need to lose weight and get in shape fast!

Once you experience the Fitter U workouts, you'll never want to workout alone again!

In as Little 45 Minutes, 3 Days A Week, Fitter U Will Get You in Shape, Help You Lose Weight Fast, and Make the Whole Process Fun!

With Fitter U's one-of-a-kind iPod weight loss workouts, you'll lose weight fast, get fit, boost your energy and metabolism, and still get out of the gym (or your home) in far less than an hour while training only 3 days per week.

No longer will you have to worry about spending endless hours in the gym hitting your head against the wall trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. No more waiting for machines. No more spending your hard earned money on unqualified trainers. No more disappointing results.

Fitter U is your "personal trainer in a box" and your "one stop shop" to the body and fitness level you deserve!

But here's the best part of all: These weight loss workout routines are fun and challenging so you can actually enjoy the process of melting away the fat and getting fitter than you've ever thought possible.

Why should you suffer through endless hours of deadly boring cardio exercise and tedious set after set of traditional bulking bodybuilding workouts when you can actually have fun and get results at the same time?

Wouldn't you rather be in the gym less and outside more in the spring, summer, and fall enjoying and showing off your new body?

Wouldn't you love to finally fit into that slim summer dress or those jeans that you could only slide into several years ago? Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror with your newfound body and confidence. Just imagine how all your friends and family are going to be blown away by the new you - a fitter and sexier you!

Following my Fitter U workouts requires only 3 short and invigorating circuit training workouts per week, while giving you more days off to enjoy your life, spend with your family, or to take part in other hobbies and activities. That's a pretty fair trade-off if you ask me!

Of Course, I Know This Almost Sounds Too Easy and Unbelievable…

I bet you’re thinking “this can’t really work” OR “this is too good to be true” OR “there’s no way that I can do this” (heck, my girlfriend Amy, and most of my clients for that matter, didn’t believe it until they used Fitter U). But walk through any health club and you’ll see that at least 98% of all the people are doing things incorrectly, not working at the proper intensity, or even doing the necessary exercises to get the results they say they want!

But it gets even better because…

Here's All You Need for Your Fitter U Workouts...Did Somebody Say "Home Fitness"?

An iPod/MP3 player, a stability ball, 2 pairs of dumbbells, a step, and a cardio machine (optional). So you can do these workouts in the gym, while you travel, or even in the comfort of your own living room! Fitter U can truly be your all-in-one home fitness program.

In fact, most of our Fitter U clients do these workouts right in the comfort of their own home!

Because of its portability and convenience, Fitter U is also the official workout program of the Four Seasons’ Hotels across Canada!

Considering the upscale nature of the Four Seasons’ Hotels and Resorts, they would only put their faith in a program that matches their high standards, produces great results, and meets the needs of their busy traveling clientele!

"...all of this in just 4 weeks! Simply amazing!"

"Hey Yuri, I just wrapped up Phase 1 of Fitter U this week and just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to say thanks. There are so many positive things to share. First up -- the program is nicely structured and the routines are laid out well which means that I know exactly which days to work out and what exercises I have to do. It's helped me to maintain my workout schedule, stay on track and not get too overwhelmed.         I feel physically stronger than I was 4 weeks ago, I’m more energized and focused and don’t feel constantly tired anymore. I’m sleeping much better plus I’m now much more conscious of what I put into my body and try to avoid the soda’s and fast food whenever possible. I haven’t had either in over a month and I’m beginning to see (and feel) the physical changes already… all of this in just 4 weeks! Simply amazing!         I have to admit Phase 1 was very challenging for me, but having you in my ear prompting, guiding and offering support was invaluable and helped me to push through when all I really wanted to do was call it a day and grab a Big Mac! Let’s just say that even though you weren’t there physically with me, I felt like you were right beside me encouraging me the whole time. Best of all, I feel like I’m on track to achieving all 3 of my fitness goals plus … I’m actually beginning to live a healthier lifestyle … which I guess is the ultimate goal!         Thanks again, Yuri. Awesome program!" Gerry Azevedo Toronto, Canada

"I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally."

"About a month ago, I finally joined a gym here in Boston and started using your Fitter U program. (I proudly declined the complementary training session offered as part of the gym membership and told the sales rep that I already had a personal trainer on my iPod). After Day 1, I knew I would be hooked. The workouts are fun, energizing, and fit easily into my busy schedule - there's no need to spend all day at the gym!

What I love about the program is that I no longer have to think about my workout - no more considering, "what should I work on next?". Fitter U is productive and efficient, and having you in my ear, encouraging and pushing me, truly is the next best thing to working with you in person. I find I've been pushing myself harder during the Phase 1 workouts than I normally would have if I was on my own.

Most importantly, I feel great ! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally. The interval training has helped boost my stamina and endurance, which I really notice on the cardio days. And the positive imagery and coaching you provide has filtered into my daily life. I find I'm setting goals and rewards for myself beyond the workouts, and when the going gets tough (both during interval training and in my life), I try to smile and think of how good I'll feel when I get through to the end."

Andrew Swartz         Boston, USA

"It was so thrilling to feel my body capable and wanting even more challenge."

"Hi Yuri, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I finished Phase One of the Fitter U™ mp3 fitness program and today I ran my first ever 5km!! It was amazing! I don't know if it was the coincidence of finishing phase one just before the run today, or what, but I really felt things have changed for me over this last month.

It was so thrilling to feel my body capable and wanting even more challenge. I think I had my first real runner's high too. (After the run, there were many stands of free goodies to eat, and I kept hearing your voice in my head saying to go for a quickly absorbable sugar! I chose juice over the crispy creme donuts.)

Actually, I hear your voice quite often. Your positive reinforcement, encouragement and insightful comments stay with me long after the workouts. I really do find you an inspiration! Thank you for your hard work putting this program together. And thank you mostly for your passion about health and living life to the fullest.

I am more excited than ever to continue working with the Fitter U™ Phase Two and I am going to incorporate your running guides (Treadmill Trainer™) into my cardio days."

Jennifer Swartz         Montreal, Canada

"After using Fitter U I have more energy and enjoy working out again..."

“I have been using the Fitter U program for the last little while. If you are like me and are looking for a change from doing the same old work out day after day or just need an extra “push” to get motivated to workout and actually see results then the Fitter U workout program is what you are looking for.

I chose this program to help me .m.aintain the fitness level I have achieved and to feel energized. After using Fitter U I have more energy and enjoy working out again- it no longer feels like a chore going to the gym.

With Yuri you will set up goals to achieve and a reward system that reinforces you once you obtain your goal. I was a little skeptical about this but gave it a shot and wow once I achieved my first goal and got my reward I felt great and was ready and motivated to go for the next one. The goals are realistic and achievable as you set them.”

Barbara Ufford         Toronto, Canada         Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships Silver Medalist 2006

"The music is great and Yuri's motivational words are not only effective but inspirational..."

"I have been working out consistently for almost 2 years now and I'm always looking to change my routine every couple of months to avoid hitting those plateaus and to continously challenge my body.         I started using the Fitter U program and love it!! It really is like having your own personal trainer by your side via MP3. The program progressively changes each week which I like because I feel my body is always being challenged.         The music is great and Yuri's motivational words are not only effective but's not just a physical workout but a mental one as well and that's important to me! I look forward to the next program!"

Sheila Salvador         Toronto, Canada

"My 'baby' tummy is finally gone after the birth of my daughter six years ago!!"

"Hi Yuri, I wanted to say how amazed I am at the results I have been getting from your three month Fitter U workout program. I had read previous testimonials and thought they where a bit hyped, having spent two years dedicatedly going to the gym and working hard. I was quite fit to start with but have really struggled getting rid of extra bits of fat, so I was keen to give anything a try.         I love the Fitter U workouts, especially as they change slightly week to week, so the boredom factor isn't there. I am now part way through phase 2 and still really enjoying it, especially as my 'baby' tummy is getting back its shape after the birth of my daughter six years ago!!. I'm looking forward to continuing with the program. Many Thanks."

Vanessa Flook         Taunton, UK

"I couldn’t have done it without Yuri who pushes me to my limits, and challenges me to challenge myself.."

"As a former distance runner, sidelined by injury, I had fallen into a period of nearly two years free of any real exercise.   Not surprisingly, my health and quality of life began to suffer enormously—life without fitness truly is incomplete. 

Thanks to Fitter U I can say that getting in shape is more than just a part of my life again, it’s a refreshingly demanding and exciting part of my life.  With Yuri’s strong focus on setting goals, I have milestones to strive for in the gym, and a professional to help me get there. 

The Fitter U workouts are creative (it’s amazing what you can do when Yuri asks you to!), supportive and motivational, highly informative, and a lot fun.  My initial goals were to build core strength, battle muscle imbalances and regain tone, and I have seen measurable results in just 12 weeks. 

I couldn’t have done it without Yuri who pushes me to my limits, challenges me to challenge myself, and offers up a seemingly endless array of highly interesting (and effective) exercise routines that keep me coming back for more of his hard but rewarding program!" 

Steven Heipel         Toronto, Canada

"Not to sound cliché, but coming into contact Yuri (and this program) literally changed my whole perspective on life."

"Being a 20-soemthing student does not necessarily allot for the healthiest of lifestyles. Using Fitter U changed this for me. Not to sound cliché, but coming into contact Yuri (and this program) literally changed my whole perspective on life.

Coming out of a car accident, the year that followed was an extremely traumatic year, of not only physical but mental injury. Not knowing my new physical limitations, Fitter U's "hands on" approach taught me to push myself to new limits that I never thought obtainable post or even pre accident.

Yuri’s immense knowledge and experience encourages me to apply his useful tips not only to my workout but my lifestyle as well. Workouts with Fitter U fly by and I often leave the sessions wanting more.

Yuri has taught me that I can achieve what I set out to obtain, and that physical limitations should not limit what you can accomplish. Most importantly Yuri has taught me healing. Healing through strength, through sweat, and most importantly laughter. Thanks Yuri!"

Kristin Fedyk         Toronto, Canada

What You Get When You Order Fitter U

Other than losing weight quickly and getting in the best shape of your life...

It’s simple - when you order Fitter U today you get me as your fitness and weight loss coach…wherever and whenever you want.

Just press play and you’ll have my voice to coach and motivate you through an amazing workout. You’ll feel as though I’m right beside.

3 Monthly Phases - 19 different audio workouts totaling 35 hours of personal training sessions with me guiding you through your headphones!

Specifically, you will be able to instantly download 19 unique workouts for your ipod or mp3 player. These are MP3 audio tracks (each one represents a new workout) ranging in duration from 35-70 minutes (depending on the workout).

In addition to these audio workouts, you also benefit from all the exercise pictures and individual workout trackers in your 80-page Fitter U Success Journal.

So now you have the visuals and my audio instruction to ensure you’re doing things properly!

I also want you to understand that Fitter U isn’t just a collection of random workouts but rather a structured system that evolves each week. Therefore, each workout routine becomes more challenging as your level of fitness increases.

You even get a Reward System that rewards you for completing your workouts and keeps you motivated like never before!

No machines - No B.S.! All the workouts are based on circuit training workouts and high intensity interval cardio training. Depending on the workout, you'll experience anywhere from 6 to 8 full-body strength exercises with varying work and recovery durations.

For instance, on Day 1 you'll be doing 2 circuits of 6 exercises with 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of recovery before moving to the next exercise. Later in the Fitter U workout program, for instance in Phase 2 Week 1, you will enjoy 3 sets of 6 exercises with 45 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of recovery.

What this means to you is that your workouts get progressively more challenging as you get fitter so that you never plateau and; instead, enjoy incredible weight loss and fitness results.

The Complete 12-Week Fitter U iPod Weight Loss Workout Program

That's right - you get 19 different and increasingly challenging mp3 audio workouts led by me! In total, you're getting 35 hours of personal training workouts with one of the world's top trainer!

Each workout includes my audio coaching to take you through your warm-up, circuit training workout, interval training cardio, and cool down. Each workout also contains “Coaching Points” where I discuss various aspects of success psychology, nutrition, weight loss tips, and overall wellness.

As if the Fitter U iPod workouts were not enough...

You also get the 80-page Fitter U Success Journal which is your "visual" guide throughout your 12-week journey. You can print the journal and take it with you so that you can set your goals, track your workouts, and get all the visuals for each exercise.

Your Success Journal contains the following components:

Each audio workout comes with an accompanying workout tracker, which gives the detailed breakdown of each workout.

Not only will I tell over your headphones what we're doing in each workout, but the trackers will show you the exact workout protocol, names of the exercises, how much work and rest to take, and everything else you need to track your progress throughout the Fitter U program.

You can print these and take them with you for your workouts so that you can everything right there beside you!

It's important to note only have my auditory instruction but also the visuals for each exercise. In total, you'll get the pictures to 38 unique and exciting exercises that make up the Fitter U workouts.

You'll know exactly what each exercise looks like and you will feel so much more confident knowing that you're doing things correctly.

Along with all the workout pictures, you'll also benefit from having the pictures for all of your recommended post-workout stretches - these will help you stay limber, flexible, and prevent soreness.

The combination of audio and visual separates Fitter U from any other fitness program on the market. You'll see (and hear) what I mean once you experience it!

This is definitely one of the most exciting components of Fitter U.

Here, you'll be able to write down your goals and determine WHY it's a must that you achieve them. Studies show that those who write down their goals are 90% more likely to achieve them than those who don't. Plus, having your reasons for doing so will give you the added inspiration to make you unstoppable.

The Reward System is an ingenious tool that allots points for everytime that you complete a certain workout and then allows you to create specific rewards for reaching milestones that you determine.

Our clients love this Reward System because it motivates them and makes working out more of a "game" because they get to keep score and track their points.

Never again will you have to worry about which workout to do or when to do it. The Fitter U Monthly Overviews are your 30-day calendars that give you the day-by-day schedule for all of your Fitter U workouts.

You'll know exactly when to do your workouts and when to take days off. There's no thinking required. I've done it all for you.

Because there are 3 distinct 4-week phases to the Fitter U program, you'll have a separate Monthly Overview calendar for each one. Could it get any easier?

The "Introduction" audio is your step-by-step guide to getting started with Fitter U.

In this welcome audio, I give you and overview of the program and answer many FAQs related to the program.

During this exclusive 1-hour MP3 audio we will cover every detail of the Fitter U fitness program and weight loss philosophy.

This exclusive 1-hour "Healthy Eating" audio discusses every angle of how to eat healthy for maximum energy and fast weight loss! Imagine listening to an inspiring and information-packed 1-hour lecture on nutrition - that's the Healthy Eating audio!

You'll discover the exact foods to eat and which ones to avoid to help you create the body (and health) of your dreams!

But it won't even cost you 2% of that!

Here's a Sample From Your Phase 2 - Week 3 Fitter U Workout

Click on the audio player to listen. The selected pictures and the workout tracker are also from this same workout.

PLAY the audio sample from this workout:

How Cool Would it Be To Have Me On Your Headphones? Listen to a Few More Audio Samples...

Watch Fitter U on National TV!

How Much More Time Can You Allow Yourself Not to Be Motivated to Workout?

Fitter U is all about empowering you to get in amazing shape and lose weight quickly through time-proven circuit training workouts and on-going motivation that simply work!!!

Whether you're looking to lose weight, get fitter than ever, or in need of greater motivation for your workouts, Fitter U is your solution!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve realized that this isn’t just another workout program. This isn’t something that you rip out of a fitness magazine and try to figure out on your own.

Fitter U is the only weight loss workout program of its type. No other program will give you my fitness coaching, encouragement, and motivation over your headphones.

Never again will feel lost while working out. Never again will you be bored with your workouts. Never again will you be frustrated with a lack of results!

I understand that you may still have some questions. To help you out, here are answers to some of the questions that seem to pop again and again…

"What if I'm a total beginner and have never worked out before?"

Don't worry! Fitter U was developed with the beginner in mind. I created the workouts to take you from whatever fitness level you're currently at and progressively getting you fitter in a safe and effective manner - workout by workout and week by week!

Each circuit training workout is based on your relative fitness level. Hence, I won't ask you to lift a specific weight or perform a pre-determined number of reps but instead you'll choose a weight and perform as many repetitions as you're capable of doing in a given time frame (ie. 30 seconds). One thing is for the end of the 90-day program you'll feel like a workout pro - and look like one as well.

"What if I'm a more experienced exerciser? Will Fitter U still challenge me?"

YES. Again, since Fitter U is based on your relative fitness level you get out of it what you put into it. For instance, in developing these workouts I personally tested each one of them at the same time that many of my "not so fit" clients were doing the same. The amazing thing is that all of us had an unbelievable workout experience because we were each able to push ourselves to our own limits. I could do 30 push-ups in 30 seconds while someone could do 15.

The important thing is that we each reached beyond our physical limits and made tremendous fitness and weight loss breakthroughs because of that! And you will too as my voice pushes, motivates, and inspires you to your personal best every single time!

"What if I don't have an iPod or MP3 player?"

No problem. Simply download the workouts onto your computer and burn them to a blank CD-R and play them on your discman.

...OR, play the MP3 files directly from your computer and enjoy your Fitter U audio workouts in the comfort of your own home!

"Do I need a lot of exercise equipment or can I do these workouts at home or while I travel?"

Not at all and YES you can. All you need is a stability ball, a step (or bench/box), and a couple sets of dumbbells. A cardio machine is also helpful for your interval training sessions but isn't mandatory. You can jump rope, jog on the spot, or do jumping jacks if you like. Heck, you can even run outside!

Most of our Fitter U clients actually do all of the workout routines right from the comfort of their own home. And, because of its portability, many of our clients take Fitter U™ with them for their workouts while they travel. It's like your very own personal trainer helping you burn fat 24 hours/day, 7 days a week wherever and whenever you want!

"How will I know if I'm doing the exercises correctly?"

This is a common question but, subsequently, a minor issue when you start the workouts. The reason - my auditory coaching is very precise and gives you detailed instruction to know exactly how to safely move your body and where to feel each exercise for maximum effect.

Furthermore, you also have before and after pictures for every single exercise. So between the visual pictures of the exercises and my auditory instruction it's close to impossible to do the exercises incorrectly - even if you're a complete beginner who has never put on a pair of running shoes!

“Okay Yuri – What’s The Cost of This Weight Loss Workout Program?”

I'll tell you what it doesn't cost...

Anywhere near what it will cost you to hire your own personal trainer! And not even close to what it's going to cost you if you continue trying to figure out this "weight loss thing" on your own.

  A Workout Program That Pays For Itself After Just 2 Workouts!

But instead, you get this in-depth audio introduction, as well as the Healthy Eating audio absolutely FREE as part of the Fitter U package.

Now watch how Fitter U pays for itself after just 2 workouts...

But Hold On...It Gets Even Better!

I'm a firm believer in taking immediate action. In fact, if you've committed to making a change and have set the goal of getting as fit as possible or losing weight, then it's essential that you never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something towards its achievement.

In this case, the action I'd like you to take is making the decision to order Fitter U right now. I guarantee you'll never look back!

To help you do so I'm even going to sweeten the pot for you. I'm going to give YOU some special gifts to get you more motivated, fitter, and healthier than ever! Since I know it’s 100% in your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

These tools are intended to give you on-going support through your Fitter U journey. It’s essential to us that you achieve your goals. Therefore, we’ve put together some amazing information, tools, and strategies that will find themselves in your inbox giving you more motivation, more inspiration, and more guidance for maximum results!

As another special free bonus for acting immediately, I'll also give you my 160-page Fitter U™ Fat Loss Manual e-book. This could very well be the fat loss bible! Chock-full of information and strategies helping you stay motivated, eating well, and keeping fit, this is your one-stop-shop for losing weight.

As one of our clients said…

“I have read every diet book, fitness mag, you name it! The Fitter U™ Fat Loss Manual is the most informative, well written and USEFUL fitness guide I have ever read. Thanks Yuri!"

- Marlena Muller         Orangeville, Canada

On this teleseminar audio you will learn how your mindset, fitness protocols, and eating habits are absolutely essential in helping you lose weight. All must be in place to achieve maximum results and I show you exactly how to do so.

Featuring one of Toronto’s leading Naturopathic Doctors (Makoto Trotter), learn why regular (and supervised) cleansing is absolutelys critical to keeping you healthy, vibrant, and how it can also help you lose weight!

Need help with your cardio sessions? Did you know that the elliptical is the most popular piece of cardio equipment? The latest stats show a 177% increase in usage over the last decade – however, if this machine isn’t used properly you may be wasting your time.

Throughout the 35 minutes of Fitter U™ Elliptical Workout 1, I guide and motivate you through one of the most amazing and time efficient elliptical specific cardio workouts you’ll ever experience! No more wasting time with long, boring cardio sessions. It’s time to kick up several notches and start getting the results you desire. A beautiful complementary workout that can be done on the cardio days of your Fitter U program.

These 3 e-journals specific to core conditioning, totaling 75 pages, are chock-full of great core training information and programs from some of North America’s leading fitness experts. Not only will Fitter U™ dramatically tone and strengthen your core, but now you’ll have additional resources to give you some more great exercises and to further your understanding of what core training is all about!

Dr. John Berardi is a leader in the fitness and nutrition industry. He's a contributor to many magazines inluding Men's Health, Inside Fitness, and many, many more - and he's been generous enough to offer his amazing "Strategies for Success" as a free gift when you order Fitter U™ today. In this in-depth report Dr. Berardi shares his "success strategies" for eating well and creating the body you deserve. You don't want to miss out on what he's got to say!

And the best part is that you can download all of these weight loss workout routines and bonuses from the Internet in just minutes and start using these weight loss techniques today right after work or when the kids go to bed.


Why I Developed Fitter U...

As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons that I developed Fitter U is because I want everyone to have access to proper fitness coaching and motivation to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals without breaking the bank to hire a trainer.

I truly believe that everyone needs a coach – no matter what your level. Even top athletes such as David Beckham, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer have coaches to provide structure, guidance, motivation, support, and knowledge.

That’s exactly what I do with Fitter U. I am your portable fitness and motivational coach and because of the wonder of MP3 technology I'm able to motivate, inspire, and guide you to your goals in less time and at a fraction of the cost of working with me in person!

And don’t we all know people who spend more on a pair of jeans or running shoes or even dinner! In fact, buying a latte a day at Starbucks for one just month would cost more than Fitter U!

Where Will You Be and How Will You Look and Feel ONE Year From Today if You Don't Take Advantage of This Incredible Offer Today?

With Fitter , you’ll never have to wait for machines, worry about what to do in the gym (or at home), or spend wasted hours exercising ineffectively. Plus, what gym or trainer have you ever heard of that gives a 60-day guarantee? That’s right – 100% IRON-CLAD 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute)!

Click the ORDER NOW button below if you're ready to lose weight and get in great shape! After all, can you honestly expect different results by doing what you've always done?

So What’s the Catch? Why Am I Practically Giving These Workouts Away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’ll be downloading all the Fitter U workouts and the 80-page Fitter U Success Journal directly from the internet I have no inventory or fulfillment costs. Nor do I need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone. This way I can pass along my savings to you. So you win and I win. And don’t worry – downloading the Fitter U fitness program is a snap. I’m no tech wiz and I didn’t have any problems.

To give you an idea, the Fitter U MP3 workouts range in size from 70 – 110 MB and depending on your internet connection may take up to 20 minutes to download. Further, the Fitter U MP3 workouts can be easily and instantly downloaded to either a PC or Mac computer.

Once you receive your workouts you can then transfer them into iTunes or Windows Media Player to be uploaded onto your iPod/MP3 player. It’s that easy! However, if you have any questions or difficulties then you can always reach us at info(at) We’re here to help you 100% of the way.

"It's like having Yuri on my shoulder, keeping me motivated, pushing me harder and supporting me throughout..."

"As a District Vice President in banking, my job requires an abundance of driving, sitting in meetings and long office hours. Scheduling all the necessary meetings, branch visits, customer interactions and community events leaves little flexibility in my calendar for the other important things in my life, including working out and leisure physical activities.

Over time, I have established a discipline of 'hitting the gym' but after many years months of doing so, I found that I was not making the progress that I desired.

Hiring a personal trainer made a difference yet I found that I was still coming up short on my health and fitness goals.

Recently, I met Yuri Elkaim and embarked on a more rigorous workout plan. I was introduced to the Fitter U™ program and now find myself making significant progress. In addition to our once a week session, I use the Fitter U™ MP3 program to fill in the gaps and to create a sense of urgency throughout my workouts.

It's like having Yuri on my shoulder, keeping me motivated, pushing me harder and supporting me throughout the audio routines. He fills each complete 50 minute workout with direction, information and guidance - and - the accompanying photos are very useful to reference the 'how-to's"of each exercise.

I highly recommend The Fitter U program to anyone serious about achieving their goals and building a healthier lifestyle."

Wayne Smith         District VP, TD Bank, Toronto, Canada

"I reduced my body fat to under 20%!"

"Fitter U was the perfect workout program for me. I could do the program whenever was convenient for me, and even when I felt lazy or tired as Yuri's voice would motivate me to complete each session.

I am much stronger now and much more toned. People can tell that I work out. I gained some muscle mass over the 12 weeks and reduced my body fat to under 20% (I started at over 30%). I would recommend the program to anyone and I loved it so much, I'm starting over! Thank you so much!"

Laura Shank         Ocala, Florida

"I often refer to Yuri’s Fitter U sessions as "play for adults”.

"The workouts are creative, challenging and above all, fun. I really enjoy the core strengthening exercises that include elements of balance and movement - similar to movements you find in real life/sports.

Sometimes when moving onto the next progression (such as in phase 2 and 3), it looks ridiculously hard but with his guidance, the sense of achievement when I then do the exercise is an endorphin rush all on its own.

I am always being challenged and frequently am surprised at what I'm able         to accomplish with the Fitter U workouts. I look forward to our sessions, hate to miss them, and I truly have a lot fun doing them.

Even though he's only on my headphones, Yuri is always pleasant, engaged and above all, motivating. I can honestly say that I've never been in better shape."

Alexis Mantell         Toronto, Canada

"I have worked out with several trainers in the past years, but I must say that Yuri and his Fitter U program are in a league of their own."

"I am a very busy executive and have very little time to work out. I also seem to have a very short attention span. My workouts need to be time efficient and fun.

I have worked out with several trainers in the past years, but I must say that Yuri and his Fitter U program are in a league of their own. Understanding how to motivate, constantly coaching and encouraging, and ever-changing workouts is what Fitter U has brought into my life.

I look forward to the variety that Fitter U brings to my training sessions as well as the intelligent fashion that Yuri communicates the goals of each workout and the steps we will take to achieve them."

Alex F.         Toronto, Canada

"Fantastic program....I love it!"

"Since doing the fitter u program I have found myself to be more motivated and more confident in the gym. I havent lost any weight but I have noticed a difference in my shape and in my energy levels. From now on I will always have yuri and my ipod in the gym so I enhance my performance and make the most of my time there. Fantastic idea........ I love it. xoxo"

Tracey Allen         Essex, UK

"Neither of us are big fans of the machines and that's one of the things we love about Fitter U - there are no machines!"

"Both Andrew and I started working out with Yuri several years ago but as a result of our (and Yuri's) busy schedules we've resorted to using his Fitter U program as much as possible.

Our initial goal was to improve our strength and conditioning for rock-climbing and down-hill skiing. What we’ve enjoyed most about Yuri and Fitter U, and why we keep returning to it, is the fact that each work-out session is different. We enjoy this variety.

Neither of us are big fans of the machines and that's one of the things we love about Fitter U - there are no machines! We’ve seen steady improvements and feel in great shape. Fitter U pushes us to our limits while making each session interesting and fun. We recently had the opportunity to test our endurance in Hong Kong when we pelted down a mountain side, which was designated to take two hours, in less than an hour.

We’ve been really happy with the results of our training with Yuri's Fitter U program and highly recommend it.

Andrew Mikitchook and Francoise Ko         Toronto, Canada

And if All That Wasn’t Enough, Here’s Something Else…

Try Fitter U For 60 Days With My No-Risk, 100% Results & Money Back Guarantee!

I say “better-than-risk-free” because each of the 7 bonuses (and the entire Fitter U workout program) are yours to keep in the unlikely event that Fitter U™ doesn’t live up to your expectations. Just take Fitter U for a test spin and if it doesn't start showing results within 60 days, we'll glad refund your money!

I know this fitness program is so amazing and has helped countless people just like YOU all around the world lose weight fast and get in great shape. But I can’t expect you to take my word for it. That’s why I ask you to see for yourself and try my Fitter U workout program entirely at my own risk.

What I’m saying is don’t decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, if you don’t feel more energetic, if you don’t start noticing your fitness level improve, or see the weight starting to come off, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our ‘no loop-holes’ guarantee.

How Many Times Have You Put Off Doing Something Only Later to Regret That You Didn't Do It?

Aren't you tired of not feeling and looking your best?

Aren’t you tired of wandering aimlessly through your workouts? Aren’t you sick and tired of struggling with your weight? If so, why not make a commitment to allow me and Fitter U to coach you to get in shape and lose weight starting today!? In just 12 weeks you’re going to look and feel your best ever!

By ordering now, you’ll get the revolutionary Fitter U 12-week workout program complete with its 80-page Success Journal containing all the exercise and stretch pictures, workout trackers, month overview, and reward system. Remember, that you get 19 different and progressively challenging MP3 guided workouts (that are visually detailed in the Success Journal) totaling 35 hours of full body workouts ready for download!

And remember that you'll also receive those 7 FREE bonuses I told you about just a moment ago. But you have to act now.

The entire workout program (and its bonuses) is instantly downloadable to your computer and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of minutes.


Use Fitter U in the Gym, at Home, Even While You Travel...Entirely at My Risk!

I’ll see you in the workouts!

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN   Creator of Fitter U   Owner, Total Wellness Consulting

P.P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try Fitter U. If you aren't thrilled with the decreased workout time and increased weight loss and fitness levels from the Fitter U workouts, simply let us know within 60 days and we'll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Fitter U has already been trusted by numerous experts and thousands of people around the word and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.P.S. If you are sick and tired of spending hours upon hours in the gym doing ineffective weight loss workout routines and getting next to no results, then use Fitter U to cut back on your workout time, get in shape, lose weight fast, and feel and look better than you ever have in your entire life!!!

P.P.P.P.S. There's only one catch to all this. You need to act now to get the complete 12-week Fitter U weight loss fitness program along with all 7 bonuses. With all the new bonuses I've just added, I've been told this package is way too cheap now and the price will be going up very soon. Or, if I decide to keep the price the same, the bonuses may be withdrawn at any time and put up for sale separately. Order now so you don't miss out on this great bonus package deal!

What's Going to Happen if You Don't Change Now?

NOTE: Fitter U is a downloadable program. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will be directed to a download page and you'll also receive an email to get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the workouts and all the bonuses onto your computer. The workouts are MP3 files and the Succes Journal and other written bonuses are formatted as adobe acrobat PDFs, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

You're just a click away from losing weight fast and getting in the best shape of your life!

Fitter U is Doctor Approved!

"As a chiropractor, I see patients with a variety of injuries from playing on the court, to the pitch, to the backyard. Regardless of the level of competition at which the patient is participating, the bottom line often boils down to poor or inadequate general training for their activity resulting in injury. Evidence suggests that those who are at a higher level of fitness tend to recover from injury quicker. The problem that I hear when I ask about levels of activity always boils down to time.

With today’s pace of life, it is difficult for people to balance all aspects of their lives while still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Yuri’s Fitter U workouts offer a unique and comprehensive strength and conditioning weight loss loss program that is ready when you are. Its simple and convenient format makes working out a pleasant experience.         Personally, I find resistance training to be the toughest part of my own conditioning program but Yuri seems to tune into your earphones at just the right time to motivate you through those last 3 reps. I’m also a big fan of the up-tempo, electronic and jazzy tunes that serve as a back-drop for Fitter U. The music really helps to push you through and keep you moving.

So, how has Fitter U helped me? Well, from a professional perspective, patients on a training program like Fitter U have recovered quicker from injury than those who were not active. From a personal side, I have my session with Fitter U on a daily basis and as a result, have noticed increased endurance, strength and energy.         If you haven’t tried the program yet, I encourage you to do so! It’s cutting edge personal training from the convenience of your MP3 player, that you can take anywhere you are." Dr. Henry Candelaria         Chiropractor         ART® & Medical Acupuncture Provider

Fitter U is Doctor Approved...Again!

"Yuri, I want to thank you for introducing me to your Fitter U program (which I should now call the Fitter ME program, as that's how I feel!)         In the past, I've tried working out on my own without much success. I've also had a number of workout-outs prescribed for me by some amazing trainers, but the follow-up on my part was always lacking, and the workouts seem far too complex and time consuming.         But with Fitter U I can honestly say that I've been much more consistent and committed to working out than any attempt I have made in the past.         As a chiropractor, I rely upon my body to be strong, reliable, and optimized, which is how I've been feeling since begining Fitter U just 2 months ago. Having your guidance with me during my workouts (through my MP3 player) truly is like having a "little Yuri" sitting on my shoulder pushing me to do one more repetition when I least want to.         It makes a big difference. You feel accoutable to someone ...and there's a natural progression in the amount of work you are able to do each time you work out.         I've recommended Fitter U to a number of my patients and will continue to do so. It's an efficient use of's a cost-effective investment...and it leads to fantastic results!"Dr. Brian Dower         Chiropractor         Park Road Healing Arts


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