Social poisoning, adolescent and social media

As a middle school teacher I'm thrown into the front of the social media war between students and reality. I realize that the term war, when referring to children and social media is very strong, but we are literally struggling to save the minds of our teenagers. I was in college when Facebook and MySpace were recently released in the world, so I've had a steady picture of how things have gone through time. Today, the student leaves Facebook alone to turn to other social media such as Snap Chat. With the development of smartphones it is very easy for a young child to be inundated in a world that is unfortunately filled with adulthood. The introduction of smartphones and social media into our daily lives has created disastrous situations.

Being a teacher, I have the opportunity to influence students who use a lot of social media. Listen to the conversations between students, I can not help thinking about how much socially negative behavior these children know when compared to what I knew at this age. How often in the media, we need to hear about a child who suicides bullying because he or she published a sensitive image of himself on social media. I realize that suicide is an extreme example, so you can look at it. It has already been proven that today's children who are always using some sort of media device for social media are not learning and or losing some kind of human skills. Today's teenagers do not know how to interact with adults and each other in the real world. Lack of human skills will destroy the child when they are in life. How often have you gone to a restaurant and see a family or group of friends being prepared to have dinner. No one in the group is talking to another because they have their heads buried on the phone. As I see it, if you're going to do it, you could also eat yourself or eat at home.

I never try to condemn this technology. I use Facebook to contact my family. What I'm trying to share is the need for some sort of parenting of my child, mother and father, Mobile Phones and Social Media are here to fight this as parents, teachers, who we need to review in options for this device So that they can provide their desired purpose, which is making our lives better.

Source by Joseph Daniel

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