Social networking on the Apple iPhone 4S

Social networks have grown in popularity at a marvelous price. With smartphones now responsible for their high popularity, many applications are available that offer users a convenient way to carry out their social networking on the go. In this article, I will review some of the social networking programs available on Apple iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S uses AppStore as a way to download applications directly to the handset. In the social networking category you have a long list of applications for popular and not so well-known social networking sites.


The world's favorite social networking network, Facebook has grown sharply in recent years. Thanks to smartphone applications, users can visit Facebook on the go, and the application makes it simple thanks to simple interface and usability. The iPhone 4S uses Wi-Fi and HSDPA connections to connect to Facebook's servers, allowing users to view a lot of information they could do on a computer. You can view the newsgroup, which offers updates from your friends, family and pages, and within that you can interact with the posts. By using the touchscreen, you can write about status updates, photos, and links that have been posted. You can also view your own profile, where you can update your status and view photos and other information. If you want to upload photos or videos to your Facebook wall, you can easily do this by touching the camera icon located at the side bar. You can then choose from your gallery or camera and download it immediately.


As one of the fastest growing companies in any sector last year, Twitter also has smartphones like the iPhone 4S to thank for a large part of their success. Like Facebook, users can perform many features with a dedicated app, which they can on a computer. You can see everyone who follows you, as well as all your personal followers individually. When you do this, there are additional options that allow you to view previous tweets. Of course, you can also submit your own tweets on your main screen, up to 140 characters.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networking services, and having apps for every phone is perfect in comfort. The iPhone 4S provides an ideal companion for social networking enthusiasts and worth more if you consider this to be an important part of using your smartphone.

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