Social Media Marketing Guide for Beginners

Social Media Marketing takes awareness and web traffic through social media sites. Generally, this process should create creative content that is made available to the public by a third party's trusted source so that people can share the content of their interest with others and create a vicious chain that covers business and goes beyond the market audiences . Every online marketer must have a goal, a product, a service, and one reason to promote it through the overwhelming and overwhelming web. If you have things in your mind, congratulations! This is probably the most difficult part of the challenge of social media, and now all efforts contribute to effectively and flawlessly achieving these goals until the status of the Social Media Guru is over.

The world of Social Media is broad and broader than ever. This is a very strategic marketing platform that reaches different cultures, ages, religions, sexes, locations, interests and the like, and is therefore a perfect tool to reach and reach the right audience and to achieve full success. The whole world is not interested in, for example, video games, but only those people whose video games are part of their interests. If you target a male audience when selling high-heeled ads, then maybe some of them are going to buy a couple or two for their wives, but a few or two are not exactly the kind of effect you want. It therefore focuses on the age of certain groups and certain other factors that cause certain services and products, videos, and news to be "viral".

First, you need to know the basic social media pages

If you are 900 million users, you are a Facebook user, then this is not necessarily new to you, but many are worth mentioning. Create a dedicated business page and directly and freely contact your customers, upload free pictures, products, and videos to the service you provide or the product you are trying to sell. So you can create a database that can share your posts with your friends and people before creating a never-ending chain. Most of these social media sites are seamlessly mobilizing integration, so people, whenever a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone are always connected to the media in such a way that they can take advantage of them. People log in to Facebook in any situation, traveling, in the park, at home, at school, at the workplace. Then you are there, helping your business to appear in the news feeds and stay there with the trick of the mind so people can find something attractive and worth checking their interests. Many large companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Apple, Rockstar, Pepsi, etc. It does the same and works perfectly!

Blogs are an easy way for people to communicate in half-way about the quality of the content. Quality content is always the key to good writing and therefore good blogging. Many bloggers are CMS (Content Management Services) where you can get them for less than 5 minutes for free and for free, some of them being Blogger, WordPress and perhaps the most user-friendly Tumblr. One of the trick is to know your audience, your market, your target and what you want to achieve. Now, it deals with SEO or Search Engine Optimization knowledge, which in other words is using the right keywords to get the highest ranking search engine, namely Google, Bing. You need to be linked to your posts and at the same time ensure that you use the Keyword Search Tool to check for the race and search number. With the lowest competition and the highest number of searches within a month, the more convenient for you. If you want to advertise a site with technical support chat services, you need to specify keywords in a very specific way to find people who are looking for the service first. For example, Windows technical support should contain specific words, as it is a bit straight to the point. Because the competition is really high and Windows's technical support is broad in content, you will focus on and focus on specific product features, so adding more keywords will be the most accurate way and you would be higher in the search engine and people can easily find the product. The "Technical Support Chat" and "Technical Support Chat for Windows 7 and XP Operating Systems" help you see how we narrow the scope of the service we offer to more precise and detailed mobile operating systems, mobile phones, Mac, iPhone, Windows 8 and so on, and sites that offer services that are not related will not steal the chances of finding people who are just Windows 7 and XP. Once you understand the concept of the keyword, you can continue and create a blog content that you can easily find in a search engine by including the appropriate tags.

Then re-social media integration in the blog site. There are many ways to share blog content. Many Content Manager Services, such as Tumblr, have social media buttons to share, like or dislike. You need to look for the options that allow them (rarely, by default, not enabled), so each post has a button for Tweeter, Google+, Facebook, and so on. Share buttons and reblog in the related blog network. With high quality and eye-catching content, people can share their stories with other media outlets, as well as share and share them, and there is a high chance of reaching a wider audience.

A fast-growing, very popular social media site. More than 340,000,000 tweets and approx. 140,000,000 users worldwide are extremely attractive to the platform and companies as well as celebrities, musicians, gamers, everyone. A tweet is a 140-character message that you can write and write, and your followers can read and review them at any time. Conversating, direct contact and launching new conversations are one of the things that make this platform extremely successful. Follow Kim Kardashian and read and talk about everything one tweet in a day, just as they can deal with advertised and marketing campaigns about brands and products that interest them.

140,000,000 users can target the right audience to be a difficult task, but they see it from the other side of the coin, which means more potential customers for the business. Once you get into the already mentioned devious chain of any social media site, things just keep coming and the first thing you notice is hundreds of people deal with the brand, talk about it, review and tell others about events, broadcasts, etc.

It may not be a popular platform that is boring to many people, but it is very professional and strategic for others. Some people will not talk or chat with the dumb, trivial things for long hours, but this social network goes straight to the point. People on Facebook and Twitter, for example, follow their interest in anyone to simply socialize, as well as businesses and businesses, but Linkedin's goal is to filter and leave behind the fun to focus more deeply in professional social media.

In Linkedin you can be a member of staff who are looking for work / services or parts of a job / service company. Create personal profiles about yourself, studies, contact information, interests, certificates, IDs, etc. In Egypt, you can create a business or corporate page, just as it serves the same purpose on Facebook or Twitter: share information about your brand, service, and products, and keep your audience and followers from your business.

YouTube is a very interesting platform. People watch or stream all kinds of videos to any site with a backlink or search engine. If people are there, there are a couple of "Related Videos" in the column on the right side of the screen. Clicking on a video by video lets you find things you never thought you might find interesting topics, funny videos, videos, ads, and more. Your visibility is overwhelming and people can subscribe to your channel, which is your own YouTube where you upload your videos. Some people make video viewing more interesting and easier than reading a whole article. I have the visual resource. If you promote fashion clothing and this is the whole marketing goal of social media, you have the opportunity to upload a video with people modeling your clothing, redirecting people to your main business location and suggesting people to share your video, subscribe to future video updates , you can visit your "fashion blog", like your Facebook page, track it in Tweeter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. Close your eyes and try to see the entire social media marketing strategy tree chart and how to get to each corner of the web. Ambitious, is not it?

Google+ offers a variety of services, including Gmail, Google+ Basics, and Google+ circles that allow sharing of information and "statuses" through Facebook, but so far less popular. It has a "Stream" function similar to Facebook's feed, which lets you know what others are capable of.

Services are very attractive to professionals and business networks due to the exclusivity and integration of services. For example, you create a Gmail account and, without disabling it, you can access these services by default and a profile for which you want to edit the image, contacts, and so on. You can access the entire Google+ network, including Gmail, YouTube, You +, circles, basics, and even a well-known search engine that saves and displays results for the most important things. You should have a backup Google+ account for any social media publisher because of its potential features and because there is little or too little marketing resources in the market. It can not have the same effect, a 30-second advertisement on TV than a small billboard on the bus, but the more it gets the message sent, the better the results will be.

Social Media Statistics

According to the new 87 study, social media coverage continues until 2012, as a business-to-business approach to B2C or Business to Community, reaching 16% of customer engagement. in the next 5 years it will grow to 57%. More than 30% of the world's population are constantly online or temporarily accessing the Internet. On social media sites, more than 1/5 of consumers spend their free time spending up to about 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook status updates daily. In the United States, over 80% of online active users spend social media sites or blogs. Sixty percent of people use 40% of the comparison, price, and planned purchases of research products, that is to say, Facebook-like social networks or simply redirecting one of the websites, which is a direct link with bidding with retailers. About 56% of Americans have one or three profiles in social media, which includes 55% of 45-55-year-olds and at least one profile.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Facts

70% of links are looking for users to click on organic. 46% of all searches are about product or service. Half of the local searches are done on mobile devices. 66% of new customers use search and online research to find local businesses. There are 863 million sites worldwide that mention the term "SEO". It has a total of 9.1 million searches, including an abbreviation every month, the first two being "SEO Service" and "SEO Company". There are over 60,000 Twitter users in the "SEO" bios, which have published 13 million blog posts, including "SEO", and contains nearly 2,700 different libraries on SEO. 75% of search engines will never roll the first page of the results. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. B2B companies that maintain active content, such as blogging and SEO, have increased their website's average 25% on average over the past year, while SEO has neglected an average 15% decrease in average visits. 21% of the total time spent on the web is spent on web searches. The big three search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo! These are among the five most visited sites on the Internet. Given that AOL # 7 and Ask # 10; the five of the ten most frequently visited sites on the site are the five search engines.

To sum up, Social Media Marketing is an area where professionals and advertisers can find amateurs and use their own ideas and plans to implement their own techniques. There is no Social Media Marketer college or college degree that needs to be familiar with extensive research, regularly applied and tested in the desired field. This is a revolutionary strategy that has eliminated the old television advertising tactics and redirected it to the online market. The percentage of people who like to enjoy the Internet on the Internet or on a computer or device are constantly increasing every day for those looking to watch TV. The statistics show that the lower percentage of Social Media Marketing relative to the legacy of advertising, but potential growth potential and growth space are undoubtedly overwhelmed and can be much better and more interactive than television over the past decades.

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