Social Media Cleanup Guide

To organize the media media you need to understand it. The industry is constantly growing and changing. Daniel Miller, professor of digital anthropology at UCL, recently found that people use different social media with different personal lives. So when you submit to Facebook for example, your audience can be closer friends, but on Twitter you can change your tones into best-suited career links or vice versa.

Miller also discovered that social media is a generation special. While many of us can be enrolled on Facebook, younger generations have started to spoil it, in favor of Snapchat and WhatsApp, where conversations are temporary and private.

It is important to understand the nuances of the service you are using, and whether they are useful for your purpose or just sew your time away. Are you getting something out of your Twitter account, for example? If you use it just to be updated on the latest news, just consider subscribing to a news archive, as the report will be much more reliable and targeted to your taste.

Bin It

Be merciless. If you find that you are not really using the social media platform, turn off or delete your permanent account. You will be better without it. Sometimes it's hard to do this because you use a forum to interact and do not want to lose that opportunity. But there are ways around this.

If you're just holding Facebook because you use messenger function, just download a dedicated Facebook messenger app on your phone, which prevents you from getting an hour in the morning to listen to your news feed. Also, try downloading the news gadget if you use Facebook on your computer in Google Chrome.

Create a list of all your social media accounts and write down all the way you use. If you find that your reasons are not necessary, get rid of them. The time you will save can be invested elsewhere; why not use it to start walking dogs of other dogs in money.

Determining Your Bills

Even if you choose to keep your social media, there is still a lot of decluttering to do. First, check who you are monitoring, who are "your friends" and what sites and accounts you subscribe to. If they have not put anything interested in you for a while, get rid of them and if you do not remember who this friend is, clean them.

Make Money on Social Media

If you are holding social media accounts, you can do it. Also, think of something productive and there are many ways to do it:

Hana Wilson, Marketing Director of Gumtree, said : "You'll be surprised how much money you could rise by simply selling unwanted chaos online. Verify your community services by sharing your Gumtree listing, you never know, an old friend or colleague can be looking for click on what you're selling. "

Go Offline

Finally, and this point is the key to decluttering your mind, life and everything else around you, you should go offline! It's often no better to cure for preventing and reducing anxiety but turning off all your devices. Have fun in the daytime, maybe after work or when the kids are at school, or even spend the whole day chasing social media. You'll feel like you've suddenly entered a new space.

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