Smartphones Voting – Is it possible, how is it now?

Does it make sense to simplify our election and allow voting with smart phones? It seems like a good idea on the surface, but it would be safe from hackers. We think have programs for all these days, what about voting? Well, this stuff recently came up with our thoughtwoman and one thinker said:

"I have to admit that it's very hard to trust the government and it gets harder every day. So I can fully understand complications by giving more freedom to the government, on the other hand, I do not believe that the voting program would prevent further freedom than just go to a physical poll. The program is just the quicker way to do it and it saves the average dollar worth a few dollars in gas money driving back and forth . "

About" voting program "and abuse; Well, if only tools to improve efficiency and see that voting programs would be the only means for faster revocation of government and politicians, in one way that would be wonderful, otherwise, the government would be able to go faster. One of the reasons I believe we have control and balance is to slow down the speed of administrative swap, to protect the government from moving too fast and infected by people.

In a large complex system, stability is important and if things change very quickly and people are not sure that they stop spending and companies stop investing and we have issues. People who have done long-term planning could get caught up quickly and lose their reward and politicians can force their agenda faster, which is also a problem.

I think it depends on how it is used and we would not & # 39; Do not know until we tried it. There are Survey Apps and news programs out there, but they are not widely used when sponsored by the government, they would be used all the time – the frequency of their use is important, how often to use, and what types of things? And what if citizens want to opt out? Do not vote? Do not you want unnecessary text?

Then just as our vote would come in. What happens when people choose and the government agency does something else anyway – it is usually the case that even the bills and the laws in Washington DC are often the exact opposite of their name; "Affordable Healthcare Act" for example, it does not matter. Think about this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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