Smartphones make it easier to stay in touch with loved ones in the Philippines

The Philippines has over 105 million mobile phones in use in 2016. Since the Philippines has only 94 million people, this means that on average everybody in the Philippines uses 1.3 mobile phones. It certainly looks like the Philippines and its people, like the United States, love mobile phones!

In the United States, the Philippines lives 5 million in 2016. Many of these Filipino people in the United States have a family home that they are in touch with all the time. Calls from the US to the Philippines go as little as $ 0.09 per minute and some services even offer free texting.

But with the increase of smartphones, most phone users in the Philippines are using smart phones; Indeed, in 2016, there are 27.5 million mobile phones in use in the Philippines actually smartphones! This means that most Philippines in the US do not have to pay to contact their love in the Philippines. Now they can use free apps to call, text and even send and share photos, videos and viral content!

Apps like Facebook and Line are already widely used in the Philippines, but other apps are available that can help people get in touch! There are messaging apps like Line, WhatsApp, Kik and Twitter, photo apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and call programs like Voxer and Google voice that are all free! All you need to do is download them on the smartphone and sign up right away and you can start talking to your family!

Users of mobile operators, of course, need to keep the phone in service to access the internet and use these applications. Services such as NetworkSys Co. can help the Philippines in the United States to reload the beloved phone in the Philippines, also known as sent upload. This will make sure that your phone's SIM card expires and will give you beloved calls, text and online access to communicate with each other! There are many different mobile phone systems in the Philippines like SUN Cellular and Talk N Text, but you can send a load to all of them from the United States.

If their loved ones in the Philippines have access to wireless internet, they can use these programs free of charge. Over 45% of the Philippines have access to wireless internet in 2016 and over 70% of US people have access to wireless networks in 2016.

Most smartphones around the world are Android smartphones, which means that Filipinos in America can download and use The same applications like their love in the Philippines. Even if they have different types of phones, most applications are available for all types, including Android phones and iPhone.

It's easier now more than ever before Filipinos to stay in touch with each other. There are free applications, text messages, phone calls and social media and most of them are free. If you need text, phone calls, and internet access, you can send pressure to your family in the Philippines to make sure you can contact them any time you want. After all, nothing more important than the family!

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