Smartphone Theft, Assault, Metro, advice to protect your smartphone

Paris police are having a hard time dealing with a new wave of crime: worse robbery that causes the latest smartphones to attract. The "I-Phone Effect" robbers are specifically targeted at tourists in Paris & # 39; Metro and assaulting them for their smartphones. Many users are ignorant and ignorant of their environment during work, which makes it even easier for fraudsters to grab passengers and rob them. Many smartphone victims now have to worry about issuing their personal information because it is common to store personal financial information about mobile phones.

Apple I-Phone is the most common goal. The I-Phone can collect up to $ 400 on the street, especially if it's an upgraded version. Thieves announce that they are choosing Apple "and targeting them with an Apple mobile phone." The Paris police report unofficial theft is 10% higher at Metropolis. "The Paris police officer, Michel Gaudin, says:" Almost one in two thieves Public transport is now touching a mobile phone, but the "classic" and "wallet or purse tanner" represent only 33% of the damage. "The Ministry explained the statistics by announcing:" 2,813 items detected at Paris Airport, 1,395 were mobile phones, almost 50 percent of the total and 64% of them were smartphones. 28 percent of all stolen phones. "

The best way to protect yourself from theft is to recognize the methods of the thieves and always be aware:

  • Thieves tend to snap a phone in transition periods while doors are open and closed. will target the victim, quickly shake the phone and transfer it down to a long chain of criminals. Be sure to keep your phone safely in a purse or pocket when you leave or reach the Metro. Do not walk and text, ignorant of you
  • Police forces target users who hold their phones in one hand and use the touch screen with others. It will help you clear the phone from the victim.
  • Never drop a thief for your phone. A 27-year-old woman was killed last month while chasing a thief to pick up her phone. He pushed her down the steps of the subway. Another elderly woman was put in a hurry to be pushed to Metro. It's just not worth it.

It has been reported that the legislator has believed to apply mandatory policies, as the smartphones are immediately "locked" after theft. Snuko, based in London, has built up smartphone technology that will increase locking. First of all, the user can contact Snuko, who is able to remove the device with a GPS tracker and lock it from use. Therefore, the user is not only easy to track by law enforcement, but I-Phone or other smartphone is completely useless, because he can not access any valuable applications and information contained therein.

You should not worry about being a victim of Metró with sufficient power and constant awareness of the environment. But make sure your smartphone is loaded with Snuko anti-theft technology, just in case!

Source by Stephanie Reidlinger

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