Smartphone technology of the future

A friend recently went to a show show at the Department of Psychology. She was extremely dubious about what the experience would entail, so I tried to think about what was coming by getting a fun app to entertain her. Ghost Scanner came to mind. Awesome widgets that came from the deepest Android Market. It argued that by using all the different sensors of the phone, the application can configure to detect the presence of supernatural. A Ghost Hunting App in other words! While it's very doubtful if this program works beyond the entertainment scene, it gives a little thought. Not by nature supernatural than what we really could do with our phones. As things are, it's very rare that all phone users can take advantage of the phone function.

Besides the calls that are expected and sometimes on Angry Birds, it is very unfortunate that the average smartphone phone owner will have some ideas about amazing tricks his phone can get. Ghost scanner says discovering ghosts with different sensors on our phone. It made me think about other features that the phone really has and what smart ideas could we use smartphone technology for? GPS is now used for much more than I could see: from local purchases to assist augmented reality apps, there is a frequency analysis between the GSM network (I'm unaware to say I do not even know what frequency is this? Vhf; UHF?). Of course, there is a connection to the internet about 3G, which opens among other things global information that our ancestors never had access to. My phone is even close to discovering that the phone is switched on during calls, imagine if you could take it (imagine the second world warrior by using a direct phone auction sensor to avoid liquid mines!) .

And all that remains is: accelerometer, camera light, camera itself, microphone and possibly some others. It's a lot of talent, creative despite pretending to be supernatural, should not be the highlight of what our phone can do. Smartphone technology has come a long way since the days of monochrome screen all the power is present but just needs to be active. So you've got a lot of hardware and do not have time to start using it?

Source by Duwain Marnitz

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