Smartphone Technology 101

Technology continues to take place. Today is a gadget for everything and the technology behind electronics continues to amaze with every new gadget with more advanced features. The days to stop the handset for making calls are long gone, thanks to the invention of mobile phones, and now someone can call anywhere. Like all else in technology, the mobile phone has gone through some developments from the beginners of a big bulky car phone to tiny little mobile pocket gadgets and historical smartphones.

Basically, the smartphone is a small computer and phone combination. It allows for complete communication efficiency in a small wireless mobile phone package. It offers tons of features and capabilities, at least as a mobile phone.

Some of the features standard in smartphone are, email, browser, full operating system, GPS, camera and video capabilities, organizers, calendar, mp3 players, full keyboard, oh and of course phones. Some smartphones also have a touch screen, like iPhone and the latest Blackberry Storm.

The first phone was called Simon. Designed in 1992 by IBM and released to the public by BellSouth in 1993. It contained email address, calculator, notes, emails, fax and games and today the most advanced standard is considered rather limited.

In 2001, RIM released the first BlackBerry smartphone, the first smartphone designed for wireless email usage. The BlackBerry popularity was amazing with a total of 8 million subscribers in June 2007. The RIM BlackBerry operating system focuses on ease of operation and has recently seen an increase in third-party applications and has been added to offer full multimedia support.

BlackBerry comes in several types, including bold, curve, pearl and storm, which offers a wide range of prices and features for everyone. This year was a long wait for the latest model of BlackBerry Storm, which features the first BlackBerry touch screen that is trully unique because it clicks down when you press down to provide tangible feedback when entering, URL clicks, select icons, and more .

There are several manufacturers of smartphones today, who runs the operating system, including the Apple iPhone which is one of the best smartphone dealers.

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