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It seems that more smartphones come into the market every day. It's hard to decide what you might want what you want. I saw it with a lot of people who jumped on the iPhone band. Do not get wrong, it's a great phone, but if you want to make the most money for the money, consider something of this while shopping:

What operating system do you want?

Many phones run on Windows Mobile. There are also phones with Palm OS, Symbian and of course, Blackberry. Linux fans will be glad to hear that Palm is also developing Linux based OS for their latest smartphone. Think about what you want and also think about what you want to use your phone for. If it's just basics, something of this is good, but if you want to edit Excel files, then Windows might be the way to go.

How big are the monitors and does it have QWERTY keyboard?

If you are browsing the internet or viewing / editing files on your phone, make sure you have a big screen because it can be copied with it, trying to read everything on a small screen is not exactly efficient. Same thing with the keyboard. If you're going to tap a lot of email, or even if you're using text messages often, the QWERTY keyboard, preferably one with larger buttons, will make it easier. And since a lot of phones have expanded / expanded the keyboard these days, you do not have to sacrifice mobility for functionality.


Just like your computer, make sure you have enough to download and run the applications you want to run on your phone. Slots distribution is quite stable these days, but if you use many different applications on your smartphone, like a laptop, you get as much memory as you can afford.


Voice planning is of course important, but do not forget data programs that differ slightly between airlines. Shop for the best and do not screw. If you have to download and make a lot of internet heavy items, consider using unlimited usage. Other things to consider include discussion. I live in Hawaii, so for me, Verizon and T-Mobile seem to give a better coverage. Do you travel and are looking for using your phone in other countries? Then think about a mobile phone.

All other bells and whistles

What are you using this phone for? Is it primarily multimedia equipment? Are you using it to run Office while you're on the move? If you want to take pictures, make sure the phone has a suitable camera. Think about what you're doing and you should not repeat paying a lot of data / voice charges every month on a smartphone that all you do is call people.

Source by Shiromi Arserio

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