Smartphone, Sad Battery! – Simple tips to save the load on your Android

We all have our prominent, shiny, multi-tasking androids, but we all know how sad the battery life is. With the number of applications and access to the web site it offers, they obviously need a lot of battery to run on. iPhone, Android or any other Smartphone, only smart until it's alive. When it's dead, your smartphone is not good, but the weight of paper or if it's the thinnest phone, it might work well as a bookmark!

Get apps:

Smartphones have a lot of apps that appear in the background eat up charging and memory as well, which makes the phone running slow and loose loading earlier. There are plenty of free apps available on the Android market to kill these backgrounds to make the phone work longer and faster.

Display Settings and Audio Settings:

Another basic reason for faster battery resolution is the display. Switch it in half bright mode or auto mode unless you look at photos or videos. A couple of other things that help you save the battery in this category ofroid are vibrating / haptic feedback notification and screen timeout. Use the vibration setting only while the ringtone is on silent and reduced display time, the longer your battery lasts.

Aircraft Mode:

When you are camping or traveling and you know you will not use your phone or when you know it is currently being discussed, switch to the airplane. Instead of wasting the battery in search of a network that does not exist, you can use Android to click on images or enjoy music. Because it's left, the smartphone keeps looking for the network that does not help waste the juice!


Some apps and games may be connected to the Internet just below the nose, slow down the phone and eat battery. Thus, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are better off when not in use, in a data security point of view plus saving juice. No other operation uses the battery life to which the data is related. Stay on the 2G network unless you need a better and faster network because the higher the connection, the faster it expires. And furthermore, auto-synchronizing your email and refreshing Facebook in a few minutes could prove very expensive!

Battery Management Apps:

Some smartphones are available for the smartphone that help you control the battery usage. These applications allow you to customize the screen settings, vibration / haptic settings, data connectivity settings, and also the set timeout of the screen to save battery charge.

There are chargers available in the market that can get you cost in an emergency situation. There are some that charge your phone or someone you need to keep a connection to turn on your phone. These simple chargers can use batteries in a dry-cleaner or sometimes rechargeable batteries.

Or simply follow the increased battery charge, but make sure your phone lets you easily replace your battery. There are certain phones that do not allow the user to access the battery.

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