Smartphone or Table – What is a Dell Streak?

At first glance, this is definitely an incredibly sleek look. Unusual for Dell in their products are not known to be particularly aesthetic, nor as you ask, especially reliable. There is a very little space between the screen and the cover that looks good and full of screen size. Smartphones with this style are obviously easier to scratch and mark with a fingerprint.

Dell uses Gorilla Glass for the screen, which is very strong and withstands incredible amounts. Do not push it too much, you use it as it happens! The durability of the smartphone could be a major marketplace in the future, as manufacturers make strong and rugged smartphones not just for office buildings. As a fan of the JCB phone, I'm happy to see more robust smartphones and accessories, because they simply enhance the life of the phone and create more value for the user. I appreciate this may not be an agency for manufacturers, can you imagine an unbreakable smartphone?

Back to Dell. The design of this phone is a little odd in the fact that, despite having such a large display, even when it is vertical, it is designed to hold it horizontally. This is all good and good, but for three touch sensitive panels on the right side of the screen. They look great but are also very easy to hit by mistakes.

An unremarkable feature on this device is the lack of a USB port. This has been industry standard for some time now and it's a surprise that Dell does not think it's worth the feature alone here. You spend time looking around the cover and hoping to find it, but is still thinking of a rather ugly look of a personal computer. Old School or what?

One area that Dell loves me is restarting the Android Smartphone platform. Many manufacturers have gone into this and the results have been mixed. HTC has a tendency to do well, Sony and Samsung are not so good. Dell has certainly used the horizontal space well and modified some Android standards, such as changing the notification system with a smooth set of downloads. It shows that they really thought about the user here and tried to make the most of their space.

Everything here works well, but could be better. Recent updates have seen better media production by increasing codec compatibility. This makes the bigger screen start to perceive and this device might have one hell of the media player if you're not worried about calling all the time. Oh yes, I had almost forgotten. The Dell Streak is smart … phone after all, and you can make and receive calls, though it's a little big when it's held in your ear. Are we going back to the season with a huge brick-making phone, with the karahands that curse them?

Hopefully not. This is said, it is probably a niche somewhere very obscure with the need for devices this big. If you were traveling for example and did not want to take your phone and laptop, this could be a good option. In the situation you would not call all the time, it would probably be more out of a big screen for fun and browsing.

This will not meet your needs for a tablet and there are definitely better smartphones, out there for the same money. This is said, Android is a choice so if this is what you're looking for, enjoy!

Source by Rachel Tremore

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