Smartphone Gloves and other accessories

Did I actually say smartphone gloves?

Smartphones have become very popular. This has produced a wide range of accessories. Since winter is cold weather (at least in the northern hemisphere) special gloves have been developed for use on the smartphone in cold weather.

Normal gloves will not work with smartphone touchscreens because the display is designed to work. Most smartphone touch screen use "capacitive touchscreen". Essentially, this means that in order to work with the touch screen, a glove must be finished with a complete cycle.

There are special gloves that will work, many rewarded in the $ 20- $ 40 range. You can change pairs of ordinary gloves for smartphone use by placing a few hand-held loops on your fingertips. This special thread completes the connection between the screen and the fingers.

There are many different smartphone accessories. In general, the Internet is the best place to shop for them, as the cost will often be lower than the cost of physical commerce – especially in smartphone stores.

Chargers and Cables – A charger and cable are generally included with the device, since almost all smartphones are rechargeable. Having at least one spare part is a good idea because cables can be lost or damaged. Chargers and cables designed to work on a 12 volt output of a car are very useful for road use. This is especially advisable when using a smartphone GPS mapping app because these programs use a lot of the battery. Some smartphones use USB cable charger cable that allows you to charge your device from a computer and to synchronize data or download applications.

Case – A measure is highly recommended to protect your smartphone. They come in many fabrics and in varied safety equipment. Some cases are in the form of a holster but can be eaten on a belt. There are also cases that attach to the user's arm when exercising so that it is not necessary to hold the device.

Headset – A set of ear-buds or headsets is usually attached to a smartphone to listen to audio played back on device. Wireless headset that eliminates cable connection can also be used with many smartphones. Smartphone can be used as a handsfree phone when you make or receive calls using a wireless headset that contains a microphone.

Screen Protector – Screen Protector is made of clear plastic that is attached directly to the touch screen with a special (usually water-based) glue. This can help protect the smartphone touchscreen. All screen savers are designed to not interfere with the sensitivity of the touchscreen of the device, and some screen savers are designed to reduce flash. Be careful when setting up the screen saver – The touch screen must be completely clean before using the screen saver.

Style – Style is very useful for the time when more detailed control of the touch screen is required, but you can get a finger gesture. These things can be very cheap and useful. Some stylus models are pen or pencil.

Car set and fasteners – This is useful for connecting the device to the dashboard or window when the device is used with a GPS application to follow the route on a map while driving. Many devices will fit many different types of smartphones and can be speakers, chargers and / or aerial connectors. However, be sure to let the map distract you!

Batteries – In general, the battery attached to the smartphone is rechargeable. If you remember to reload your device when the battery is low, you should not need a product. However, extra batteries for smartphones with interchangeable batteries are available in the $ 20- $ 50 range, with a few higher. Special conditions that include battery backup are available for some devices – iPhone for example – which does not have a replaceable battery.

Many smartphone accessories are available from many manufacturers. When choosing an accessory, just make sure it is designed to work with your smartphone.

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