Smartphone finds a tablet with the new Samsung Galaxy Note

With the powerful and more likely 1.4GHz processor and 8 Megapixel capable at your disposal, Samsung Galaxy Note gives you the true feel of a professional Android smartphone. The 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display, along with a high-speed processor and 8 mega pixel camera, makes it the perfect smartphone for even the most demanding gadget owners.

Today, almost everyone is aware of what can be called on the smartphone and many have also had the opportunity to look at the charts more closely. So wondering if there is time for a new type of device. Well, this seems at least to be the thought of Samsung's designers, since with the new Samsung Galaxy Note, they think it's a completely new device, halfway between two, which does not mean a complete tablet and also not quite a mobile phone.

Basically, Samsung Galaxy Note can either be called a big version of the Android smartphone, or alternatively a small version of an Android tablet, depending on how you want to look at it. Earlier earlier, Dell had also done a similar thing with its Dell Streak, which, however, hardly can call the initial success story.
On the other hand, Samsung is much better placed to give its Android device a mid-screen display, which is real to go ahead, because it has a strong history of producing some highly acclaimed and admirable Android tablets lately. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone can easily be considered by far the best Android mobile phone around.

The pride proudly shows a 5.3 inch SuperAMOLED touchscreen, with a smooth, lightweight (178 gram) display. Although its weight can not be cited with absolute assurance, it certainly feels light and comfortable in your hands, obviously set to absolute perfection compared to other weight techniques. With a 9.65mm depth, it is slightly thicker than iPad 2, but hard enough to be a cause for frustration for its users.

Samsung Galaxy Note should comfortably fit the jeans or jacket pocket, without excessive panic. Well, this is what Samsung forezaw, as they expect the note to be active as the best device for everything and everyone. By combining the smartphone's convenience and tablet performance, Samsung Galaxy Note gives the best of both. For either work or play, the handset is a capable device that runs everything you expect from an Android device. The above-mentioned camera, fast browsing and access to thousands of apps from the Android Market means it has everything you need to be entertaining and productive and everything in between.

Source by Chris C Wesley

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