Smartphone Face Off – Droid Vs iPhone

If an application or software is on the smartphone that announces it can do it all, smartphone says that it can do anything that is impossible to call. Now the face of the phone has become hotter and hotter, what's your final choice?

It is seen that the iPhone is only a collection of artwork, but the camera only with 2MP is a bit useless. Android platform is supported by strong Google, but it does not have an app store and thousands of absorbing apps. RIM BlackBerry is always hot, though it looks a little ugly. Do you want to use Windows Mobile Phone after you've seen Microsoft Windows for many years?

So the first problem is not without the smartphone, but you do not know who should be bought.

The battle between Droid and iPhone is very interesting. Based on Android platform, Droid is very strong. But it will never defeat iPhone in a short period of time because the latter has become a great star in smartphone. If Droid wants to overcome the iPhone, it must take a long-term, but not a hypothetical advertisement. The market share of electronic products is determined by user consumption. For example, Mac is so beautiful that it is seen as a Venus goddess and the advertising costs are about ten times higher than Microsoft Windows. But it is known that there is never a flood of people rushing towards the Mac.

Now about a week away from Regin Droid's release, we know the ads promise a real keyboard, night shot, open development center, equipment (I do not think it's better than the App Store), customization and interchangeable batteries. Here are some specific information from other IT sites:

1. The windows QWERTY keyboard does not mean a big phone, Droid is only slightly thicker than the iPhone 3Gs.
2. Very large screen, although no size has been given.
3. Runs Android 2.0 and will probably be the fastest Android smartphone yet.
4. Comes with a desktop charger.

It is said that Droid will have a beautiful 5MP camera.

In addition, Droid will have a better internet experience. In order to reach its pre-competitors, the iPhone will add AJAX and Flash technology into it.

Droid vs iPhone: without app!

Droid can not provide so much applications and a huge App Store just like Apple. But now there are more and more new applications and games based on the Android platform have become popular.

Droid vs. iPhone: Choose your favorite!

Select your favorite smartphone, though Droid has better performance, it will still need more software and applications to support it. The iPhone is so strong, but maybe you need an additional Mac.
Droid vs iPhone: users have the option!

No doubt, the iPhone is pushing the market towards more high quality devices like Regin Droid. Origin and strength makes the iPhone become the winner of this battle. If others want to conquer it, they become better software and hardware than the iPhone.

Source by Xiaoxia Lee

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