Smartphone: Detailed Study

The term "Smartphone" is often used by many. Educated, uneducated and even illiterate people use this term freely without knowing a little about its real meaning. It has many differences in normal mobile phones. Your smartphone is more than a regular phone.

However, the smartphone is the most advanced mobile phone that has numerous features and many features. On that you can run various programs to perform many tasks. With the help of this phone you can browse the internet, send and receive emails, handle money trading, edit office documents, upload winning photos and share them on various social media. It uses advanced technology, advanced software and outstanding applications to perform complex tasks quickly and easily with the least possible effort.

Looking at the Smartphone story, we will find out that it came to the mobile phone market after the 1993s. The loan of the invention goes to Simon who found it in 1992. He introduced it to the mobile phone in the same year. At that time it was like a mobile phone or a mobile phone. It included some enhancements in it. As a result, people greeted it. They kindly agreed. That inspired by many mobile operators. They started producing a smartphone.

The first Smartphone was launched in 2000. Ericsson was the first company to sell the Ericsson R380 in 2000 as its first smartphone in the world. After that, nobody came up with a new one until it was in 2005. After a long time, Nokia Nseries launched. It was a 3G smartphone. It was like a multimedia device.

Android appeared on its mobile phone in 2008 with cross-platform OS for its advanced mobile phone. This was the world's first smartphone that used a variety of applications to make many complex things easier. Apple introduced its new App Store in July 2000. This app store can hand over various approved applications developed by third-party developers. It brought a new revolution. As a result, many new companies came to market. Users can easily purchase various applications to use them on iPhone or iPod. There are many programs available online for free. This software store became very popular in March 2010. It facilitated more than 17000 applications in 2010.

After that, many advanced phones have been introduced to the market by BlackBerry and Samsung. Now, these companies (BlackBerry and Samsung) are doing very well in the mobile phone market.

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