Smartphone cameras for better image quality

You have a smartphone and you like to take pictures with it, but there are cameras that you need to know if you want better picture quality and better photography. Let us find out some tips, tricks and programs that help you capture photos in a better frame.

Capture Image in Panorama

Often you feel like taking the picture at once, especially when you're interested in taking a beautiful view. Sometimes you can not get a wide range even after adjustment, because you can get a program called Panorama. This app is available for Android and iOS users for $ 0.99. That way, you can get the panorama effects that life is happening and share it right across the social media. In addition, you will be able to capture spherical panorama too.

Create High Speed ​​

If you want to take many pictures without pause but your smartphone lacks talent then you do not have to be bored about it, but instead choose Burst mode. This setting allows you to take many results quickly. Now you do not have to worry about the time when you take one photo and you wait for your camera to prepare to take another photo. This shutter speed is enhanced with CameraX app. Interestingly, if you're interested in getting the best shot you can use this program and keep clicking, later you can choose the best corner and best shot and delete the rest.

You can go to CameraX This is a free app available to Android users. This app allows you to record a camera. This allows you to choose images that you find qualified, now you do not have to press the shutter button again. As far as iOS users are concerned, they can set up Camera Awesome with burst mode; This app is free for free. For users of phone windows they can do with a turbo camera.

Getting The Time

If you're the creative man who wants to tell the story of pictures then this is for you. Opt for programs that will help to create time limits. Shoot images that are united to create a movie like an experience that shows the whole story is interesting. One thing to keep in mind is that the camera needs to continue. You can install Lapse it, this is a free app available for Android as well as iOS users. To keep the smartphone still on the pictures, you can use tripod mode.

Create Stop Motion Animation

Ever heard of something like stopping animation; This is a technique that is often used by professionals to create the motion of static objects by taking it from different angles. You can create the same effect by downloading StoMo free apps for iOS users. By using a simple user interface, you get an automatic frame setting, you can make changes to the playback speed according to the frame (frames per second).

If you are an Android user then you can choose Clayframes, which allows you to choose the playback speed fps, video size and even give you the option to export it so you can share it.

Options for Movies

Often you are wondering how the image will come out especially when you shoot with a camera with the minimum level. This is easy to solve by installing video applications such as Powercam for Android and iOS devices. You can easily create the appropriate effects and samples of the image or video you are about to capture. This way, you can find in advance how the image or video will look after you take it.

Alternatively, you can also select programs that help create normal effects like color tones, tilt-shift and one color effect.

Create Image Effect

We all love giving a personal touch to the pictures taken. This is now made possible by applications that enable image effects. You can add a slope-change effect to make little impact. You must be able to create image visibility and sharpness on the same image. You can install Powercam for both Android and iOS but HD Pro Camera is only available to iOS users.

You can also create mask effects on an image to identify a specific section of an image. FocusMe is an app for iOS users that helps create this effect. Although Photofunia app is available to all users but can be used by all Smartphone users. Now you can easily focus on a particular section of the image, but the other part becomes blurred and creates the spotlight like the effect on the image.

All the applications listed above are helpful for creating the desired effect and are useful to Smartphone users who want to add photos and videos to their phone.

Source by Semeli Karen McPherson

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