Smartphone Apps for Bikers

With technology advances, televisions, phones and vehicles have changed dramatically over the years to be user-friendly. People who have smart phones have found that applications are extremely helpful sometimes and can be quite fun. There are many applications out there for all different types of people. If you are a motorcycle, there are some programs that you simply should not leave without.

The first one is a Dynolicious app. This might be a little expensive, but it's worth it. Dynolicious is an automatic performance indicator for iPhone and iPod touch. How does it work? It uses the hardware already in the iPhone to measure the performance of the vehicle. You can use this application completely with hands and wires for free, just keep running on your phone and it will calculate your 0-60 acceleration, horsepower, your G-forces and much more. This app is also available for Blackberry Storm, just looking for DynoStorm.

The next app is AccuFuel with Appigo. This app is $ 0.99 in the Apples App Store. AccuFuel monitors mileage and fuel efficiency. It is designed to be simple and easy; When you fill up you set the distance you go and how much you just filled. You can even insert the price per liter if you want. It then records the information in a graph so that over time you can see how your fuel-efficient motorcycle is. They have also done so that it covers the measurements used, so no matter where you find yourself, you can still describe your fuel economy.

WeatherBug is the next app on our list. This free app has tons of features to help you even in the worst weather. WeatherBug can tell you the temperature of the area you are in, wind speed and wind, satellite images and even a video from nearby weather stations so you can take a step in the storm. It's available information from just about US weather station and thousands of stations outside of the United States

Another great app to have is a Car Incident Assistant. No one plans to participate in an accident, but bikers usually have an overview of the road which means they can easily participate in accidents. This app allows you to list all and all information if you are in flak. Using GPS can record your exact location, you can take multiple photos of the accident for insurance purposes, and you can also enter additional information such as witnesses, cars involved, and police involvement. As mentioned before, nobody's going to be in a flak, but it's always good to be ready actually.

These are just a few Smart Phone Apps that you can use and customize for your needs. Remember that you need a legal license to ride a motorcycle in the United States and you need at least the state's minimum insurance system while on the road. Having insurance can be very reassuring during an accident, flat tire or dead battery.

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