Smartphone and 3G Stories

Smartphone and 3G have evolved sharply in just a few short years, so more and more people from all over the world are transforming into new technologies. You should know the differences between modules and models to get the most out of tools and applications. You can get in advance by learning more about the manufacturer and other advanced features that work well for work and personal use.

The First Smartphone

The first smartphone was known as Simon, founded and styled by IBM in 1992 and promoted as a COMDEX concept product. COMDEX is a computer industry trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was shown and launched to the public in 1993 and sold by BellSouth. In addition to being a mobile phone, Simon also made a world clock, memory card, email, calculator, calendar, send and receive faxes and games.

There are no physical buttons that allow you to make a call. Customers, instead, use a touchscreen to select a phone number with a finger or create memos and synchronization with optional style. Text was written through a unique desktop application. As with current standards, Simon will be the low-end product. The operation at that time, however, was very modern.

Nokia Age

Nokia played the first set of Smartphone and started with the Nokia Communicator line. The Nokia 9000 was the first device launched in 1996. The unique Palmtop computer brand Smartphone was born from a combined work on a successful and valuable PDA model that Hewlett Packard made together with Nokia's bestselling phone at the same time. Early prototype models feature both devices organized with a hinge.

Nokia 9210 was the first color type of communication that was considered to be a real smartphone, with an open operating system. The 9500 server was the first camera phone, and Nokia's first Wi-Fi phone. 9300 The server is a three-dimensional switch in a smaller form factor.

The recent E90 Communicator also includes GPS. The Nokia Communicator model is outstanding and is the most expensive model sold by primary brands for almost the full lifespan of the models, by 20% and sometimes 40% more valuable compared to the next most expensive smartphone offered by other major manufacturers.

More Devices

One of the devices described and sold as smartphone was Ericsson R380. However, third-party native software can not run. Although Nokia 9210 is one of the first, the smartphone said with an operating system, Nokia constantly refers to it as a communicator. RIM launched and released the first BlackBerry in 2001. It was defined as the first Smartphone boost for wireless email usage and reached over 8 million customers in a few years. The third quarter consists of North America.

More Nokia versions

Nokia 7650 was announced in 2001 and was referred to as smartphone in the media. The Nokia support site also explains it as a smartphone. The press release, on the other hand, refers to it as a camera device. Handspring also introduced the first wide famous smartphone and gadget devices in the United States by connecting to a mobile phone module with Palm OS based Visor PDA. Nokia launched the N-Series 3G Smartphone in 2005. These were marketed as multimedia computers, instead of mobile phones.

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