Smartphone, 3D OLED TV and Tablet PC Rock CES 2011

I hear the spirit of CES 2011 right around my back, which is to prevent cold on New Year's Day next month. Technicians will always look forward to the yearly January for the biggest event of technology and electronics that showcases: Consumer Electronics Show (CES) covering all range of equipment and retail in various areas. This is where the industry meets, doing business and, last but not least, introducing new equipment. After enjoying Santa Clause's chocolate, candy and gifts in the New Year's Eve, faithful technologies will express their love by enjoying this Las Vegas exclusive chain that helps consumers and professionals take care of the technology market and the upcoming trend and pattern next year.

Tableware – The Future

When giant Apple introduced its iPad for about 1 year, analysts predicted the absolute ruling of Tablet PC in a few years. This forecast seems to be a reality. CES 2011 is only a few weeks away. And the main idea of ​​the event is expected to be tablet computers, and perhaps better smartphones.

Gartner, Technology Research and Analysis Technology released a report as it forecasted sales of the tablet server in the next period. In particular, this number can be sold up to 54.8 million shares next year, reaching "unbelievable" 208 million units in 2014. This impressive number increases the likelihood that Tablet PC stores in CES will attract attention and make full coverage this time. It must be all about ipad or at least it was before, apple was the only one. Google rocket their Android development as the most dangerous and important Apple competitors that can not be achieved before Samsung Tab or Dell Streak time. Of course, we can unleash BlackBerry lovers, Research In Motion (RIM) can stand out of the game. The Hunning PlayBook debut appears on CES to send a warning to Apple and Google. Additionally, Microsoft does not allow it to be fun when publishing types like View Pad and Slate HP. With great success in computer operating system, Mr. Gate's own son is definitely a promising giant in the charts market. Nevertheless, there are rumors that Microsoft has built up charts for this event. They will obviously have multi-touch support touch screen. But new is, this will have a physically full QWERTY slide out keyboard and HTML5 support. So what do you think? Will you go to such a table or other vendor or Mr. Apple? Please count down on the day.

Upcoming 3D OLED TV

During CES 2010, flat and LED displays with an internet connection have a relatively large amount, but not so much. However, what difference per year does. OLED TV was an inescapable star of the show this year, supported by some of the biggest names in consumer electronics. The traditional LCD will look like old technology on CES 2011 – it will be LED all the way. Mobility of the next OLED technology has been slow so far, with only Sony, Samsung and LG it proved something worthwhile.

Last year, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs have been kept in mind by home theater lovers everywhere. With incredibly high shadow ratios and thickness measurements in millimeters, OLED TVs certainly look at the future of the home theater.

Samsung plans to launch this technology in 2013, introducing rolling OLED TVs to consumers. I believe when I see it. There have been so many OLED TV shows in recent years that it's hard to get great attention when almost all notifications from all OLED manufacturers prove to be nothing. While Samsung seems incredibly unthinkable about exactly when they will produce an OLED TV show, LG has set a clear date. It's obvious 2011: While they have to invest in the next LCD production lines too, the plan is to produce 32 inch OLED screens within three years.

While new technology always has high prices, some people expect the price of OLED descriptions to be down for some time in 2011. Active OLED descriptions will be common in two years and its earnings will carry it from idle LED lighting time around 2018. However, prices are a major obstacle to technology to overcome.

In addition, 3D television was very much in the ideology of "innovations" and was the main point of every company that talked about the environment last year. This is a strange thing to hear in Vegas, which is possibly the smallest environmentally-friendly place the man knows. Expect those companies that have not yet gone big on 3D – such as Sharp – to go full 3D this time. We will also see plenty of universal glasses available – special information you can use with a variety of 3D TVs, not just those from one manufacturer. And expect much more hype behind the 3D Blu-ray.

Age of Smartphone

Since the day Android was born, iOS was not a dictator's article on the mobile phone market. Months later, Microsoft released a new Windows Mobile 7 operating system. ¿»¿The race is on, Android and Windows are searching for iPhone, and we all know that the race involves a winner. Android is an operating system used by many vendors, so we need to keep in mind the iOS environmental system of Apple and what these products are for sale. Android is an incredible product, and if it were not for the iPhone, it would be far ahead of anything else in its field, but the iPhone and iOS mobile platform came first. However, if you are a phone maker looking for a low cost OS allowed, Android is a definite winner. If you are a mobile phone company looking for a family of attractive "smart phones", you can customize adding "transfer value", again an Android winner. At the same time, Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft's latest attempt to create mobile apps that anyone could really use. And this time Microsoft seems to be very successful. Windows Phone 7 is a sleek, sophisticated operating system with all the power you would expect from any version of iOS. This is a capture from a handbag with various Windows Phone 7 devices.

In fact, smartphones have recently transformed into a shine star on CES and superstar this time might be the one from Google. Google has introduced the latest version of the Android Forum, Gingerbread, and unveiled the next Android device from the Nexus S.Connect Network. And for developers, Gingerbread SDK / NDK is now also available. It's the first Android device to ship with the new version of the Android platform. Google developed this product with Samsung, which ensures firm hardware and software integration to highlight the latest Android platform improvements. As part of the Nexus brand, Nexus S gives what people call "pure Google" experience: open, seamless access to the best Google mobile services and latest and greatest Android releases and updates, "according to Google's information. Together with Google, join other familiar vendors for a cake like Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony. And the main focus on embedded platform would be BlackBerry, Iphone, Android, Symbian and Windows that have been playing long.

Join January for the best CES 2011 review you'll find.

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