Smartest Smartphone Users Have iPhone

According to the release of the Los Angeles Times March 22, 2008, Apple iPhone users can only "know too much." The article, which talks about an increasing number of iPhone users who look like their devices to search online for the answers to some questions they're posting (or someone nearby) they do not answer in their heads, cites iPhone and # 39 ; s widescreen and front wire browser as the main reasons why iPhone has become promising Ask Jeeves of your choice rather than any of simply active competitors. All of this and the device still require only 1% of the smartphone.

The results of the survey by M: Metrics show that 37% of the users smartphone and 6.1% mobile operators use their devices to access the search engine online compared to the vast 58.6% of iPhone users.

As BlackBerry has characterized the text messaging market, iPhone looks beyond the mobile phone market, as Google, and soon to release Android OS has every intention to use.

Talking about Google, online search network like Google and Yahoo! and MSN explains that while only 13% mobile operators use their devices to search the web, much more of them are using iPhone than other smartphone devices.

Searchers also announce that iPhone owners who use their devices to access the internet are mainly looking for movies, news and restaurants, with 84.8% of 10.000 iPhone using adults as the survey explains that they do it. The study also shows that iPhone users are watching more YouTube videos and pursuing more banking than users of other smartphones.

The study M: Metrics even found its way in March 31, the BITS (Business Innovation Technology Society) column in the New York Times Technology section that reported that 74.1% iPhone owners use their iTunes device to listen to music there as only 27.9% of other smartphone owners use their devices to listen to music.

Source by Corey T Bruhn

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