Smart Phone Needs Smart Users

Modern smartphone is amazing. I remember my reaction to see first. There was a cardboard away from the moment and I was reminded of Arthur C. Clark's famous quote: "Insufficiently advanced technology is incomprehensible from magic". Here in my hands, was a pure voodoo. But as with all new things, humans have awesome skills to accept the new shock and transform it into more common faster, so technology can go on, and it's not at all taken for granted. Knowledge, they say, contempt of gender.

It's a pity, not least because it makes us see limitations on technology before we fully understand its strengths. One of the main issues is as often forgotten as our ability to seek new ways of connecting existing technology, not literally with add-ons and applications or WiFi, but in human ways, with organizational structure, referrals and planning. The internet itself is the most obvious example of a lost opportunity to increase the value of the mobile phone. Using internet technology is not just about accessing them in our phone on a web browser, it's about joining bad debugging dives and creating accounts for those who enhance the others. Remember that your simplest phone is a communication device and for communication, you first need to find the one you are looking for. Find and find – or do not feel when anonymous is the key feature that you should pair with the phone if you want to be in the forefront of anything.

Let's examine an example. Directory inquiries, white or yellow pages. You need a number. It could be a friend, or it could be a mobile phone service. Either way you can not reach them on landline and you do not have their phone number. Now your smartphone is just a chunk of plastic. There are landline directories in each country, but not mobile. At least it is a recognized wisdom. It's wrong, as every network operator can tell you, is the largest directory of mobile phone numbers on the planet. Marketers have been aware of this for many years but choose to keep them close to their chests, but it's free for everyone to use and free to add your own number if you want to easily find your friends or customers. Knowledge is power, and now you also have more magic.

Almost let's look at your privacy. If you're lucky and have the option to turn off the caller ID notification on the phone and are smart enough to know how to do it, then you're welcome to let everyone on the phone when you call. Sending text messages, however, is different. There is no old place. And with Wikipedia to announce that the United States only sends about 1.5 billion messages a year, it's very visible. So if you have a good reason to want to send an individual message, you can not, right? No anonymous Valentines day message for your loved love. No evidence of bad practices that risk losing your work. The list is long. Enter anonymous text page (also mentioned in Wikipedia as I recall). We think of internet communication as an "email", but it's not all that's medium and sending text messages (SMS) can be as easy as in this case much more simple than other technologies, including emails that always understand IP- a number in its path that can be used to narrow down the geographic area from which it was sent, which for people who know you can often be enough to make positive knowledge of You as a sender. Anonymity is hard to find unless you know where to look – and now you do it.

Now it's time to think of anonymity and how to fix, if the situation requires it, go through the confidence camp. After all, a nickname can give you the caller's number, but if you do not know these numbers, it will not be a good idea to bring you back to the caller. Fortunately, there are numerous reverse searches online. I say "fortunately" only because they offer you at least the potential. Unfortunately, the fact is that their cost is usually excessive for people, but if you have the money and the will, like most people in life , this may be done. This service is called "Backward" then look after you start the number and give you the name of the owner, as opposed to how phone service usually works.

So you have smart phone savvy set Trinity: how to find and find, how to be hidden and how to unmask others. With awareness of these techniques under your belt, your smartphone will be insured in the future and your own knowledge – and power – should be to enable you to work some of your charts.

Source by Frank Hynes

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