Smart Phone Are Craze – Is Your iPhone Worth?

You see them wherever you go. The latest fancy gadgets and phones are around you. Everyone has an opinion about what mobile phone looks best and has the latest and best features. One of the things that is talked about smartphones out there is the iPhone. If you are looking for the best mobile deals, you might be asking yourself – is your iPhone worth it?

Stereo jealousy is rampant these days. Each version of the iPhone has been picked apart and revised with almost all the technical features, often months in advance. So what's the matter? Here are some things to consider when deciding which smartphone is right for you.

Considerations for Buying a Smartphone

First, consider what your current mobile carrier is. Apple signed an AT & T Wireless exclusive agreement for the first 5 years. If you are not an AT & T customer, check the agreement on your current mobile phone. If you sign up for a dotted line with AT & T and are still in agreement with another service provider, you may end up with a hefty cancellation fee.

When looking for the best mobile deals, consider what matters most to you. If your goal is to simply make and answer calls, iPhone can not be the phone for you. If functionality, shape and style matter, it could be a top choice.

The iPhone is a very user-friendly and intuitive phone. For people who have used iPod Touch or other Apple products, the iPhone should be very easy to get comfortable with. It's sleek, advanced equipment that is often looked so complicated.

The latest iPhone version, 3G S, features a 3 mega pixel camera, video recording, supports 7 music file formats and includes an Apple browser browser. It synchronizes video and music without effort with iTunes. The touchscreen, which can be used in landscape or gallery, is easy to learn. If you have longer nails or larger fingers, you may need to use style, especially when you type text.

Being designed, built and supported by Apple is an advantage. Because it drives OS X, it's the stability and consistency of other Apple products. This does not apply to Windows Mobile, as it is for the hardware manufacturer to make sure that the device works with the Microsoft operating system.

Check out the competition

iPhone contestants are worth checking out before making your final decision. T Mobile G1 Android is a smartphone powered by Google's own operating system, based on Linux. It includes One-Touch Google Lookup, 3G Internet and Wi-Fi. G1 features are similar to iPhone. However, there is one big difference between the iPhone and the G1 keyboard. G1 has a full slide-out keyboard, which will appeal to those resembling sensitive responses that the actual keyboard offers.

Sprint's HTC Touch Pro is another smartphone to consider. Like the T-Mobile G1, Touch Pro has the windows version. Since it is a Windows Mobile smartphone, the user interface will identify people who use regular Microsoft products. The action that sets it apart from other smartphones is a TouchFLO interface that lets you navigate by sliding your finger across the screen.
Purchasing Research

Most important is doing your own research. Go to the store and take the phone. Make sure it is convenient to keep and use. What an iPhone is worth for you depends on your needs. Ask the questions you want to answer, even though they are small. The best network operator in the world will not matter if you are happy with the product you buy.

Keep in mind that most mobile operators have a 15 to 30-day policy of withdrawal. Be sure to try the phone as you use it the most. If you do not get a mark where you need it, consider another mobile carrier. Probably one of the one that suits your needs.

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