Smart instructions to make sure your application is well-built for iOS 11

With Apple unloading iOS 11 in the middle of this year, some changes occurred in the scene that shouted the minds of developers and app owners. How to upgrade existing applications or build presented applications that are as practical and effective in IOS 11 became their main concern. For those who have applications and seriously want them to work well in the new iOS version, the following items will serve as the main guide.

Take advantage of ARKit Platform

While ARKit is the greatest development potential Apple believes in the new release, it will be a leading tool for developing applications to developers or markets. With ARKit, developers will now be able to use the cameras and sensors on iOS 11 devices to build applications with enhanced reality (AR). Unlike VR or Virtual Reality, AR is an extra technology that enables projection of digital connections to the real world. Specifically, this is SDK's link to a new iOS update. High incentive for enterprise applications to use increased reality based content in their apps in a way that they seem to fit and offer more enthralling experience for users.

Prepare for Mobile Accessories

Developers need to cover the NFC chip, released in iOS 11 update. It's a big chip built to facilitate wireless broadcasting or communication with mobile payments within a certain proximity. Although payments were only earlier with Apple Pay, this chip can now be used by developers and applications companies to offer promotions and discounts to customers that are located nearby. The new version of IOS has also purchased a large Siri update, which developers can now use SiriKit to prevent voice usage actions by users to complete their mobile communications.

Add registration policy to fit the redesigned App Store

The latest version has enhanced the entire App Store's design to give it more cheers and refreshing looks. New changes are made to both the title and signature areas, which will now support up to 30 characters. You can not change a description of when you want, but only when a new version is sent. However, a new box for promotional text that allows companies to advertise their discounts, offers, timeshares or notices are introduced. Additionally, you can get three short preview videos, promote purchase of applications and main subscriptions on the same application page. Thus, the festival for program owners is completing their marketing method to index their app in a lucrative manner in the App Store.

Use the Feature Content

As Apple's card is ready for indoor control, providing precise views of shopping malls, large agencies and airports with this new update, companies can now get the apps ready to draw more leg traffic. It could be great game converter for apps mean for shops and offices located in those big centers. They could easily draw more customers as more people get to know exactly where they are and easily reach out by following the maps.

Final Thinking

Undoubtedly, this latest upgrade in the iPhone and iPad operating system will provide new app opportunities to app owners, such as increased reality, indoor cards, voice sharing and much more. Expected to get rid of iPhone and iPad devices in the fall, iOS 11 will lead to some major changes for developers, their services / products and marketing practices.

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