Small and Medium Business Marketing and Marketing – Significant Forecasts for 2017

2016 ended with Americans exhausted by emotional wrenching politics, stories of foreign entanglements and violent homes. Companies have also struggled with slight economic growth and unrestricted equity markets. As of 2017, we all start, consumers and organizations, facing uncertainties in various areas.

With this as a background, companies still need to develop, plan and implement plans for profitable growth. After talking to various colleagues and customers and reading the comments of numerous pundits and prognosticators, I'm wondering what's in store for B2B and B2C in the coming year:

1. ] A significant number of market participants – both large and small – will discuss institutional issues in 2017. The current report of advertising (based on 420 market participants, about 90 percent of advertisers in US $ 100) shows an overwhelming number of proposed reviews:

· 66% creative creation plan;

· 65% policy to view search company,

· 64% intend to review media company;

· 61% intend to review digital organizations.

Why? In addition to lack of trust in the authorities in society as a whole, justice or false trust has also been lost between markets and their agencies. So if you are concerned about the agency's relationship, acknowledge that you are not alone.

2. There will be a significant increase in the number of companies that employ "controlling employees", ie. Independent contractors and independent experts. Faced with the rise in minimum wages, healthcare costs and increased wage tax, companies are obviously doing all they can to reduce their wage costs. But the ability to employ the highest skill in the short or long term is also the exercise that gets a lot of momentum. In fact, a recent survey by Deloitte University Press has shown "7 percent significant increase" as well as a "44 percent increase" in a plan to recruit CEOs in the coming years.

Keep in mind that this "outside" brings new energy and fresh ideas to any kind of organization, but could also get some savings on your bottom line.

3. Media fraud and ad blocking will increase in 2017. The eight-month research federation of National Advertisers discovered undeclared refunds that flow from digital media to agencies. However, the incentive for fraudsters to continue to do what they are doing due to the ability to circumvent fraud detection systems. This extensive practice can affect the media recommendations of organizations (and bottom lines), but obviously it is not for the benefit of customers.

Perhaps even more important is the amazing growth of advertising barriers in the markets posing a great threat to the digital media. At least 419 million people around the world are blocking ads on their smartphones, almost twice the number that blocks the desktops. It's 22 percent of the 1.9 billion smartphone users in the world (PageFair – Ad Blocking Goes Mobile).

Digital and mobile media are not going away but using them really is demanding. Find trusted professionals to make sure you get what you've negotiated.

4. As clients and supporters are corporate or profit-making organizations, organizations need to significantly increase their efforts to gain insight into the real world and their needs. In recent McKinsey & Co. A study of 700 senior executives concluded that: 1) only 6 percent of companies felt they understood the needs of their clients very well; And 2) sixty two percent consider unsatisfactory business plans for customers.

There has been an explosion in the number of customer data available, as new software plans included all kinds of information about purchase and opinion, including social media. In order to be competitive, organizations must continue to expand their knowledge with this new information. It does not seem easy to even consider formulating a strategy or plan without knowing your customers, so make sure you have the skills to acquire and interpret the correct information.

5. The development and maintenance of a positive customer experience will become a new king in marketing. Distressed agencies seem to be rampant – products are reduced, passwords are stolen, online tweets have as much credibility as government agencies. Start with employees, make sure they have knowledge and tools to better serve customers, create positive experiences, and repeat purchases and referrals from customers.

Trust is new black. All aspects of life in the brand should convey credibility, continually delivered credibly, on every touch.

6. Acceptance and use of direct mail after millennials will continue to burst. Yes, millennia. And yes, snail mail. This demographic is most likely to open and read direct mail. In fact, 63% reported that they purchased on the basis of direct mail they opened in the last 3 months (Info Trend Study of Direct Marketing in the United States).

Maybe their inundation with spam, disturbing ads And meaningless content leaves them tired of watching the screen and looking for a "new" medium. After all, it's not about technology; It's about efficiency.

7. While media spending on the Internet will connect to television for the biggest spending in 2017, more marketers will recognize that the majority of major media spending is still reported by traditional media (65%). Television costs increase by 1 percent, home by 4 percent, as the radio remains unchanged, and only magazines and newspapers will show a decrease (about 5 and 9 percent respectively). In addition, the market segment will rise by 2.8 percent to 237 billion US dollars, leading to sales growth, network operator, direct mail and event events. (Advertising Age)

It is without saying that determining where to spend a market dollar is becoming more complicated. The key to doing it is to understand the difference between choosing the most recent "effective" tactical tool and choosing the "largest" one. This is becoming increasingly important for small businesses, which can not afford valuable mistakes.

8. Considerably more time and clever thinking will be put in the development of marketing and marketing, strategic planning and planning. The Havana 2015 Meaningful Brands survey revealed that most would not think about three quarters of all brands disappeared for good! Furthermore, most brands have not updated their plans to meet buyers today. These buyers have access to a large amount of information and have excess stock options at your fingertips. It's more important than ever to keep your brand meaningful for your content.

Both for profit and profit brands must make it clear how they are from competition and make their value proposal perfectly credible on every occasion.

Securities and Marketing Consultants

2017 brings significant scams and concerns to your Customers, prospects, and even your employees. They are clearly more careful about what to believe and who to trust in the coming year. All organizations face these issues and the problem of how to succeed in this climate.

Many small and medium-sized organizations are affiliates with certified and independent senior counselors to help them in the marketing and marketing of communications plans, and plans – assess, develop, clean and, if applicable, implementation. If this is something you might think, look for people with extensive B2B, B2C and nonprofit industry and brand experience. Find out who are media neutral and do not sell a particular discipline. And make sure they are passionate about analyzing results and willing to "say it like it to us" so that a candle will flourish.

Promoting profitable sales and marketing ROI is a terrible task. Finding the right counselor to work with you could take some looks, but as Yogi Berra said: "When you get to a fork on the road, take it."

Source by Gary Kullberg

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