SimplyTweet Review – A simple, yet rich iPhone Twitter client

SimplyTweet is an iPhone Twitter client, but do not let the name fool you. After the name, SimplyTweet is a very rich application that the developer constantly updates (current version 2.4). SimplyTweet's surface is considered wonderfully "simple," but full of features. SimplyTweet is a full version that supports push notifications and lite versions.

SimplyTweet is similar to the original Tweety on a simple (rewritten) interface. SimplyTweet uses swipe commands that allow you to access additional features on a twitter. For example, if someone sends you a twitter, you can swipe your finger with the finger and you can see the suffix menu that allows one of three functions. The available functions can be configured from the options menu. Setting my slider menu allows me to reply, retry, and view a conversation view. The other option with which the slider menu is favorite / unfavorable and the answer is each one.

The most attractive feature of SimplyTweet is push notifications. Push notifications are sent between @ments and direct messages and work very well. When someone remembers or conveys your messages, they get exactly what you are expecting, just like a text message on your phone, a preview screen for the message and a badge icon will appear. For users with multiple Twitter accounts, push notifications are active across all your accounts, not just your primary account.

In addition to these outstanding features, SimplyTweet includes many topics, HootSuite integration, Instapaper support, URL abbreviation and many more features. Below is a list of features listed:


Special Features:

– Supports Notification Supports for Backups and Direct Messages, It works like a text message receiving.
– Multiple Account Support
– Themes
– Browsing Conversations – Displaying Display Display Chain on 1 Screen
– Browsing between conversations person – Showing tweets between each one 1 19459004 – Configurable push notification sounds
– Comments and Multiple Drafts
] – HootSuite Integration: Importing Twitter Accounts from HootSuite
– Customizable Swipe-to-Reveal Shortcuts
– Saved Views
– Unread tweet indicators for each topic, scroll to last read beep at startup
– Tweets and DMs
– Respond to multiple people at a time
– Tweetshrink support (all tweets, DM) – Contactors
more than 140 characters
– See p Updating user profiles and profile profiles in SimplyTweet
– Videos and multiple photos in one tweet upload
– Last used hashtags are noted in sessions
– Block / Unblock support and option for spammer notification

– Saved searches
– Photo search
– Instapaper support

General features:

– Search
– Favorites support
– Trends support
and mention the timeline
– View the social Twitter timeline
– Load older tweets and direct messages
– Delete tweets
– Reply to tweets
– Direct messages including browser recipients and auto-completion
– Save drafts
– Tracking
– Configurable image upload for uploads
– Poster Support (multiple photo and video uploads with hashtags tagged into labels)
– Poster Support for Long Messages
– Embedded Web Browser (including landscape browsing)
– TwitPic support (more photos)
– yfrog support (more photo and video upload)
– TwitrPix support (more photos)
– support (more photos)
Bookmark support
– Possibility to change the display format of the timestamp
– Built-in photo view
– Open user profile directly (Go to user)

Quite a list of huh? There are lots of things and everything you can ask for on an iPhone Twitter client, there, and the developer still comes up with new features and stitches. Currently working with version 2.6, it is expected that version 2.5 will be available at any time. My only complaint with the app is that it's a bit cumbersome to switch between multiple Twitter accounts. He is not a salesperson, but there is repair. With great developer support and a "simple" yet rich application, I do not think that using SimplyTweet can be bad. SimplyTweet is available at $ 4.99 on iTunes AppStore. You can now purchase the iTunes Badge. SimplyTweet Twitter Application with Push Notifications

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