Simple tips to keep Apple's mobile phone in the best condition

Apple mobile phones are unique in their own way. The most prominent thing about the brand is that it comes with its own unique operating system iOS, which means that there are features that only iPhone users can enjoy. Mobile phones are of high quality; It is a high end brand, and you definitely need to find a cheap phone. After spending a reasonable amount on your iPhone, you can make the least of it to make sure it keeps its functionality and high quality. This should not be hard because the simple handling tips ensure it works as long as possible to suit your needs.

Tip 1 – Good screen saver.

Like any other phone, Apple's high-end mobile phone can scratch or jammed. With the screen saver, you can keep the display just the same as the new ones. A transparent foil can be all you need to protect the display, and it may change for a while to look good.

Tip 2 – Getting a Chain Couch

If you prefer not to place the movie on the display, you can get your phone to a hard, perfectly fit phone. There are cases for all iPhone models and they make great additions as they take on all the abuse on the phone. If you slide your phone in a case, you do not have to worry about slipping, and even if it slips, the chances of excessive damage are very low. In some cases high corners arrive, so the screen does not even have any effect when the phone falls.

3rd Tip – Fill it correctly.

This means that your phone is not too much. It is best to pay attention to the iPhone during charging, so you can disconnect it when it is fully charged, otherwise it will overcharge and overheat, which will prevent battery life. Still charging Make sure you only use an approved iPhone charger and get original copies if you need to replace it. Since car chargers are very comfortable, it is best not to use them as a primary charger. In case you need to use a car charger, unplug the phone when you start or stop the car, as the power supply may be damaged.

Tip 4 – Moisture-Free

Moisture and Water Enemy is not just for your iPhone, but for any other phone. Do not leave areas with high moisture content such as closed swimming pools and bathrooms, as they may cause damage. It is best to leave it instead of damage to water damage. Never handle the phone with wet hands. If moisture penetrates, immediately remove the battery and place your phone in raw rice; it sucks all the water that's hard to reach.

Source by Shalini Madhav

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