Significant Tools for Responsive Website Design

The importance of responsive web design has increased significantly in recent years. Today, instead of personal computers, people are using smartphones, tablets and netbooks to browse the internet. When we say positive sites, we believe that scalable images and configurable installations should be used so that the people using smartphones could be simple and easy access to your webpage. Thanks to technological developments, this trend is growing day by day, and this year we will see many more websites designed to be more interactive and powerful. These types of powerful and sophisticated web pages can be accessed more easily through smartphones and tablets. This means that the website will be generally accessible in comparison to normal websites. Graphic design of standard and mobile website is created differently.

In interactive and responsive graphic design, the images are actually fluid images that are modified with context of aware images and an updated version is applied for better formatting. Because of this advanced technology, the images make a variety of resolutions and are easy to view with larger screens and smaller screens. When we talk about responsive and interactive websites, we should discuss some tools that can make the project of creating such a website possible. These tools are listed below.

Adobe Device Central CS5 is the latest version of Adobe Device Central. It's a software that makes the task of producing interesting and innovative content for mobile phones, tablets and other devices very simple and easy. This software allows the design program, preview and test different design experiences and then deliver this experience on smartphone. The distinctive features of the Adobe Device Central CS5 are the online library of device profiles, advanced devices, and competition for HTML5 development support. The Golden Grid System is a great tool as any designer who has created responsive and interactive sites know about. With this tool, the designer is able to divide the screen into 18 equal columns and two of these columns in the end will be the outer margin. The remaining sixty columns would be further divided into eight columns for tablets and in four columns for smartphones. Zoomable bases, elastic runs and Golden Gridlet are other features of the Golden Grid System.

FitText is one of the jQuery extensions that inflate web and fluid or responsive look so that the scaling that follows the width of the parent section is reached. FitText basically makes the font size flexible and in this way it's easy to access the site with screens of different sizes. Gridless is a great solution when you are designing an interactive and responsive website. It is a cross-browser and open source tool that efficiently facilitates responsive sites with striking typography. It facilitates CSS3 and HTML5 development.

One important aspect of all types of websites is the logo. What technology is used to make the internet, the company's logo should be there. So, before you continue with your site design, it's important that you first have a good logo design created for your website. An affordable logo design is also important because developing an interactive and responsive website can be expensive so you have to make sure everything is within budget.

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