Showcase your company's website and social media in style

It's a wonderful time of the year; time to celebrate the festival …

When we cover the halls with holholes and dress the tree, it's also time to introduce your business to your holiday.

It's time to make sure your social media and sites are ready for the festival.

Here are some ways to dress your website and social media for Christmas:

Decorate Your Website Page

Place your best holiday front and center on your website. Here's a great example from J Crew vendor who held "5 days 5 unexpected sales" recently.

We have set the holiday on our site that offers free reviews of all our members:

Custom Christmas Marking

Why not create a fun free edition of your logo for Christmas ? Google has been doing this for many years. Here is an example of the last Google stamp:

Host Holiday Gift Ideas

Tell your customers what to buy for anyone who has everything. When you make a gift box you buy!

A goal is a good example of this right on its website with a list of gift issues. Registration gift points at different levels of prices makes it convenient. For example, Target records gifts below $ 25, under $ 5- and over $ 50.

Create a festive holiday

Find fun ways to share content with a holiday. For example, All Business published a great article about "The 12 Days of Christmas Retail"

Spruce Up Social Media Account Too!

Create a special holiday Facebook Cover Image – Show customers a holiday spirit by designing a festive holiday cover photo. Our Facebook page includes our brand names and logos in our Christmas table.

Family Trips

In my personal profile I have put a picture of our Taz cat at the Christmas tree. Taz has shaped my position on Facebook. In addition, a lot of people can contact what it is like to have a pet and hope they did not attack the Christmas tree.

It's a fun picture that helps us connect with our audience.

Use Holiday Hashtags

Make it easy for vacation enthusiasts to find you by creating a holiday. Some popular are #DIY, #stockingstuffers, #holidays, #newyears and so on.

View Holidays

If you are planning a holiday on vacation let your customers know. Graphics for social media and your website is the perfect way to remind them. Look at this example from The Comedy Spot.

So do not be grinch. Show your clients a free spirit!

Celebrate by sharing add-ons and social media updates as you're decking out in style. "This is the season. Set a mood for free trade and you will be rewarded.

Source by Susan Friesen

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