Should I take my smartphone on a Cambodian vacation?

Is the smartphone the way to go to Cambodian travel? Let's look at the "Swiss Army" on electronics. The latest BlackBerry, iPhone, Microsoft, Symbian, Android and Palm devices can all offer a wide range of features. This short article is not the case with the best smartphone, but if smartphone is the way to replace MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices, check emails and go online while you are on a Cambodian vacation.

Cambodia is hot, dusty and power supply is not that good. Generators are heavy and some of your electrical devices will not feel like a bumpy power. Take a laptop, camera, GPS and MP3 player and you're talking about adding a few pounds to your luggage, not to mention the problem of damage or security.

If your smartphone does not use GPS, ie. With a SIM card, it will probably not work in Cambodia. Please check with your mobile phone company and make sure you have international roaming added to your service, if available. Cambodia uses GSM and you can get local SIM cards just about everywhere! Pay as you go with top cards again, just find everything. This is by far the cheapest way to do things, but your mobile phone must be GSM – with removable SIM card.

These days, modern Smartphones, as well as simpler models, are pretty good flash cameras that are great for snapshots and online sharing, printing on plain paper, but not for high quality photography. The best images of the Cambodian goal can be bought for the dollar as a collection of postcards. GPS can be a very useful feature and it works with Google Maps in Cambodia – especially with WiFi, but using GSM can be sporadic depending on where you are.

For emails and browsers there are many cafes, hotels and restaurants in Phnom Penh, Siem Riep and Sihanoukville that offer free or very cheap WiFi. If you need a big screen, there are plenty of cafes around you. If you are using iPhone, some travel requests are available – but the information provided in this guide is much easier to access. Information in travel programs tends to be rather light.

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