Should I have a Smartphone or iPad?

Ask if you should get an iPad or smartphone is a bit like comparing apples (no pot intended) and oranges. It depends very much on what you need and much can depend on how good your eyesight is!

If you can afford both as you find yourself on the smartphone all the time, they're great to find out where the latest deals are and get quick information and call of course.

If you're a subject and you like reading online books, watching videos and seeing photos that are linked to certain web pages, the iPad or tablet will be a better choice. You must still carry mobile phones, but if you call and rarely call you, you can actually change your iPad or tablet by phone using VoIP applications. It's a bit like Skype as it goes beyond traditional phone lines using the power of the internet.

The problem is that you are pretty silly with a giant iPad that sticks to your ear – probably something you should do in the bathroom or in the privacy of your vehicle! Who does not have a mobile phone that they can use with the iPad in fact?

It's hard to believe that the iPad will only be two years from April 2012, they have already been approved as much better and much more portable replacement for the laptop for the people.

The biggest difference between smartphone and iPad is the size of the screen. Put a search on a smartphone and you'll get a beautiful, uninterrupted list of things with your iPad, which looks like a computer screen with graphics, etc. Take your choice of 1000s of different apps and you can have a custom iPad that makes exactly what you want it to happen.

Of course there are programs for phones too – again it's all down to what you need. I'm just wondering if with the increased popularity of iPads and tablet men would start to start sporting girls in Europe to trust them!

If you choose an iPad or tablet and you find yourself a little heap of unwanted electronic gadgets, you know your alarm, GPS, MP3 player, camera and dare I say Walkman and other old cell phones please be sure to take those in the electronics industry that offers a free little gadget.

Source by Kathie R. Dionisio

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