Seven reasons why restaurants must embrace mobile phone services

I sat at Starbucks last year and applied for a rewarded latte and read when I noticed a young couple from locals studying. They were sharing Macbook and were obviously working on a report. Although the young lady was stopping, the young man interrupted and started tapping on his iPhone. Now I have to show that I love people watching. Airports and shopping malls are best but coffee shops and libraries work well too. You can really bypass time just figuring out nuances what people are thinking and doing with their lives.

After a few moments of tapping on his iPhone, the young man laughed at all and whispered to his friend. She smiled and they both began a long discussion about some mysterious (at least me) content. Then he returned to tap and she returned to tapping the Macbook.

When I was preparing to leave, I went to bankruptcy and asked for coffee to go to my office manager. When I waited, I could hear that a young man spoke. He was pleased for the people who appeared to have sent out Twitter who announced their success with central control. He called on his compatriots to meet him tonight on the spot, which took place at Buffalo Wings (two for one contract!) And the beans of beer.

What said this moment of eavesdropping me? Well, I could get cheap wings on the spot instead of driving to the town's neighbors. I also learned that young people really do Twitter and Facebook (assumed) to run their social obligations.

I have worked with many customers who have created smartphone applications for their businesses that have already built strong following in social networks. All of these customers also decided to use their mobile app in connection with the social network. This means that they complete their customers access to their Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and blogs through their smartphone applications. This streamlined new mail instantly in one platform, but made further distribution across multiple channels.

I took the information I learned from these customers and started using this with new customers. One new customer had a restaurant and entertainment center. I suggested the following reasons why mobile phone technology should not ignore and they agreed well. Not only did they agree, but they also ran out of the idea. They started using QR code, instant coupons, Blaster Social Media (notifications to users on application), email capture tools, online menus and reservation systems and more. All in all, they ran out of all the idea of ​​New Media and smartphone technology.

Now, before we get involved, let's get to these seven main reasons:

  1. Social Media operates within the framework of mobile technology.
  2. Mobile phones are stable near the audience.
  3. Computer-related email messages are delayed and unpleasant.
  4. People often rely on their community networks for decision making and planning.
  5. Menu and other changes can be instantly provided
  6. Mobile app can attract new customers
  7. Mobile app can add customer service.

The first reason is directed to my experience with Starbucks customers and my recent customers. Social Media already works on smartphones and can be hosted in the smartphone app. Say you have Twitter account for your restaurant. You use it to entertain and inform your followers. You continue to do this while you bring your exclusive Tweets to your smartphone. This means your application shows only your ambiguities as the message is not masked by other Twitter followers.

The other reason is quite obvious. If you have the option of having billboards at the entrance in each neighborhood – brand your business every day – would you consider it? What about your branded smartphone audience 24 hours a day?

When using Push Notifications, the mail world becomes somewhat obsolete and lonely. People read push notification almost immediately. They are fun for some people. If you use in addition to emails, you'll see that much more effective promotions take shape.

Peer review and reference are already very important and become more important with social media. If your customers share your app with others, recipients will automatically understand and & # 39; or & # 39; indicated & # 39; value for the application. Why would my friend send me this program if they did not like it? When more users have your application, your social media and push notifications are much more effective.

Using mobile device sharing tools will make it easier to understand when you can use the stream of telecommunications to promote "the band", "Two for One appetizer specials" or "Buy one, get one" bidding on a slow night . What is the value of one customers on a slow night?

If the previous items are addressed, you are more likely to attract new customers. Remember that your customers will market a restaurant for you. A good mobile programmer will integrate tools to allow the sharing app with their friends, family and colleagues.

You can bind everything with good customer service. As you know, once you've got a new customer, you really need to keep them. In this economy, you can find it easier to keep your existing customers happy – even if they reduce the frequency of their visits. Use mobile apps and social media to welcome all customers. Use social media tips and build tools (like comments) to do not just improvements, but share with potential new customers.

If you already have Twitter or Facebook fan, you're already on the way to taking advantage of the power of social and mobile media.

Source by Dave P. Carter

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