Selling your own ads in your mobile app

What is AdMob?

Admob is a mobile advertising platform founded in 2006 by Omar Hamouri, which offers an advertising solution for Android, iOS, webOS, Flash Lite, Windows Phone 7, and all standard mobile web browsers. Google acquired AdMob in November 2009 and today AdMob is the world's largest mobile advertising platform, which has been featured more than 700 billion since its launch.

What is AdMob House ad?

AdMob House ad is your ad that you can paste into for your app free This is a great way for you to generate extra revenue from the free app and encourage users to upgrade paid application. AdMob's smooth interface also makes it easy to create your own home. You can set up a home ad after a few clicks and easily set targeting options, such as location, demographic profiles, and device version number. This ensures that your ads reach the audience you want.

House ad is a great source for your site (if you have an app) as it generates more traffic to your site and gives more information to your audience where the mobile network could not be shown.

If your application does not have a website, then your ad's home can double up as an advertising medium, where you can get extra income from it. There are 2 options, look for a potential advertiser who is willing to pay for ad in the app or simply use AdMob generated ad.

How to sell my ad slot

Tell me if you're looking for advertising revenue from your mobile app. There are a number of methods:

1. Using Ad Network (AdMob)

After you embed an AdMob SDK into your app, AdMob automatically launches all ads and shares your earnings with them.

2nd Sell ​​Your Own Ads

a. For premium publishers, you may not want to show ads anywhere because you do not know what ads are appearing.

b. You can also place the ad slot as a premium in accordance with the content provided by the app.

c. In this case, you can sell your own ads directly through a sales person who already exists in your organization and who is likely to sell ads to your site.

d. You can also list on your site that you are open to making an app available to your advertisers and people can contact you about your ad rates.

e. You can even create a home ad in order to help sell it freely!

How can I add the AdMob House ad to my app?

1) The first step to creating your own ad is of course the provision of the Ad Mob account but you do not have to worry about linking your Google Account to AdMobile so you do not have to re-enter your credentials. After your account was in place, the next important step is to install the downloaded AdMob SDK into your app to ensure that your ads can be successfully integrated into your app.

This is done in many ways and is different in the mobile operating system. See the AdMob documentation here

AdMob SDK and code embedded in an iPhone with XCode

2) The following step is to create the creative content where you can choose a text ad or banner ad. Select the desired location and click Finish.

Select the ad banner ad type for your house

3) Then you'll need to select the platform on which you want the ad to be published. Other options are available, such as the destination and device version.

Settings for Your Home Ads

4) The last step is to create an action when users click on the ad.

Specify Post Post Operation. Landing site or App download

This is usually an App Download if you post another mobile app or web page URL. We've recommended that your URL is mobile optimally. Mobile users are picky and do not navigate on the site if they have not optimized their mobile.

In fact, AdMob found that campaigns with mobile optimized pages significantly increased during the average visit time. Designers use a visual drawing and peeling surface for microsite design, enabling them to move a mobile microscope 5 times faster and develop knowledge.

If you have a great ad, you'll be able to charge more for your ads because the users who view the ads are more involved and advertisers are willing to pay for great ads.

5) Purple, you're ready and you'll soon be advertising the app.

what it looks like in an app


For years as an AdSense user, I definitely think it's worth drawing to AdMobot's little brother and I'm going to believe that AdMob will continue to be a mobile advertising platform in the coming years. Apart from the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, the clear and compact reporting system is one of the plus points for AdMob. The AdMob version is simple, try it.

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